I thought I was an underachiever…

It’s strange but I often do not think of myself as a “professional.” (And ew, no–not that kind of professional.)  Imagine my surprise when I was asked to participate in career day at my rez’s school.  (Reservation for any non-native readers.)  I think I know what to say but mostly I just do not want to come off as lame.  Dorky I could deal with, that is part of my charm.  I’m making my brochure now, it is so awesome I bet the kiddies will sleep with it under their pillows and dream sweet Speech Pathologistic dreams. Ha. Yeah right.

I think back to my career days in high school and I remember thinking, “As if I want to do that….You only make how much money?….BORING!”  So you see where some of my worries come from.

Why did I agree to do this again?

2 thoughts on “I thought I was an underachiever…

  1. I think that sounds awesome! I only wish I had the sort of job that I could go and tell my kid’s class about. See, I think they’d go running if I told them what I did. “I’m a writer. On The Internet. NO, NO, NO DON’T GOOGLE ME.”

    • You seriously just made my day with this comment so now I shall go fill out the form with everyone who left their email password in my laptop. Seriously I know a lot of trusting (sweet) fools

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