Genius. There is absolutely no other word to describe me.

Wow.  I’m feeling especially brilliant and special today.  Husband had some errands to run so i thought I would take the babies to town in their wagon so I could do my errands.  (I felt weird driving such a short distance.)

Apparently I get tired MUCH more easily when 7 months pregnant because suddenly I feel like I walked to town from the reserve, and not simply from my neighborhood.  However that isn’t why I am feeling so proud of my grey matter.

I need to send a fax, a letter and buy my children a slush like I promised.  I can’t because I am without funds which brings me here to the town library.  I’m the idiot who left her debit card at home and JUST NOW OMG YOU GUYS REALIZED THE ANSWER TO THIS EMBARRASSING SITUATION.

I’m just going to walk 20 yards to my other  bank. Duh.  (This is where I’m glad I hold accounts at 3 different banks.)

I really should delete this post since I am painting myself with a rather dull brush.

1 thought on “Genius. There is absolutely no other word to describe me.

  1. lol Nevermind, I left my wallet at work here and got up to pay for lunch today in town, and couldn’t. I had to get Sara to pay for lunch. 😛 Whoops.

I see you speak the language of awesome. Awesome.

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