I had an OB appointment yesterday and I got the results of several tests back. The good news is I don’t have Gestational Diabetes. The bad news is I have Cholestasis of Pregnancy. (which explains the intolerable itching)

I’m quietly freaking out…my other 2 pregnancies were uneventful. The thought of 2X weekly nonstress tests, weekly OB visits, weekly blood tests to monitor my liver and bile not to mention a planned induction at or prior to 38 weeks is overwhelming. I’m thankful my doctor realized it was more than just pregnancy itchiness but I didn’t expect to be told that I’m “high risk”

I must admit tho I am feeling a bit smug. Last week when I took my daughter to the dr the doctor told me I had SCABIES! Then the prescription she gave me was for lice shampoo which I was supposed to put over my whole body…the thought of putting harsh chemicals on top of my itchy, sensitive skin was not appealing. She said she had seen a lot of it lately in “my” community(meaning the rez where I don’t live anymore). I asked her about the fact that scabies is contagious, so if it was scabies shouldn’t my husband and children have it as well…to which she said they “probably” will have it soon. Needless to say I ignored that advice and no, she is NOT our regular family dr.

Kinda wish I did have scabies tho.
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3 thoughts on “Sucktastic

  1. Friggin’ racist doctors. This is why aboriginal people are dying in ERs across the country. *fumes* Our health concerns are not being taken seriously. (SCABIES, MY ASS!)

    I’m glad that you’re being taken seriously now though. Since you are indeed high risk, it’s important that you and the baby are well taken care of!

    Your first tiny bb. Oh my. I’ll be over tonight!

  2. When I told my OB my “diagnosis” he was all O.o

    He asked how I was examined and I told him by a quick glance and he said, “well, according to the testing it is Cholestasis.”

    I never go to that doctor, but Cielo needed a refill ASAP.

  3. I had to go through the NST and get induced at 38 weeks thanks to L attempting to make an early appearance. I personally loved the induction. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

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