Happy Canada Day!

Yes I’m a day late with this post but Canada Day was yesterday and it was a joyful, fun-filled day here in Canuckistan.  It is comparable to the 4th of July in regards to activities, except that it doesn’t celebrate our independence but is a celebration of the Constitution Act which united British colonies into a county called Canada. (it means the village **joke inserted for other Canadians reading this blog)

My little family and I decided to head to Lloydminster (a small city that is on the border between Saskatchewan and Alberta) to partake in the festivities.  We found a playground, bouncy houses, face painting, balloon sculptors and fireworks…all for free.  It was fun, although I may have been walking too much because today my ankles are complaining.  I love watching the babies have fun and try new things.  I was so proud because my little girl is not very friendly with strangers, but she liked her new friend Astrid.

"Hola, I'm Cielo."

 She obviously liked the kids too, and especially liked Jr.  I should have taken a picture of one of her hugs with Cielo and her hugs and 2 kisses (omg my sons first kiss) with Jr.  Friendly little thing, I think her parents were embarrassed that she kept coming back to visit with us. 

I did not take a pic of the kisses because I was too stunned

New little friends aside the kidlets had a great time exploring and running around the park.

she eventually looked back, but not for a loooooooong time

"Mommy look, a river!"

But eventually we settled down to sit on the grass and relax.  It amused me that while the kids around us were running around mine wanted to read.

Party Animals!!

After a quick bite to eat and a rejuvenating trip to WalMart (needed LCD screen cleaner and Pull Ups) we ended the day with fireworks.  Totally satisfying and a great day.

mama looks tired y'all

I see you speak the language of awesome. Awesome.

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