Random Tuesday Thoughts

I like Moms (even before I was one), I like Zombies…so I thought I’d try “Random Tuesday Thoughts” by The Un Mom

I’ve had “Ebony & Ivory” stuck in my head all day.  (I typed “Ebony and IRONY” not once but twice.  True story.)

How sad that I over-enjoyed doing my laundry today…I actually caught myself smelling the fresh clothes.  I totally looked over my shoulder to make sure nobody saw me.

My newborn is already 26 days old.  I have had approx 26 minutes of sleep since then.  (I’m exaggerating a bit.)  I’m a mother of 3 kids under 4 years old now (Every time I say that it simultaneously makes me happy and freaks me out a little.)

I wish I had a slushie from 7-11 right meow.

This is my first shared meme on this blog.  I feel all warm and fuzzy right now.

My husband gets sexier when he gets up with one of the kids.  Just now my 2 year old woke up crying and he went to check on him.  Muy caliente!  (Oh yeah, my husband Nehemias is Mexican.)

I cannot fall asleep without cracking my toes.  I really hope I don’t end up with toe arthritis.

GOLDEN GIRLS IS STILL ONE OF MY FAV SHOWS EVER!  I think someone needs to be keeping an eye on Betty White, and by keeping an eye I mean KEEP HER ALIVE.  I cannot lose my last Girl.

In closing, here is a picture of Diego and I after we had the kids portrait photos taken.

Diego is in the mossbag my mom swaddled me in 33 *koffkoff* years ago

1 thought on “Random Tuesday Thoughts

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