Time flies when you’re sleep deprived

Yesterday Diego was a month old.  I toyed with the idea of pulling a Dooce and writing him a monthly letter but the odds are that I won’t keep up with it, plus it hardly seems fair since I didn’t do that for Cielo or Junior.

Behold my precious bundle of joy (at 5 am…the time he was born) as he turned 1 month old.

if only he hadn't moved his arm and covered his smile

I used to think baby smiles were just gas, but now I think he is just happy.  Happy or amused that he can keep his mom up all hours, whenever I’m so exhausted that I think I could just die he will smile or chortle-laugh in his sleep (or let out an adorable fart) and then I want like 10 more babies.  Thank god that feeling goes away or I’d end up with a reality show on TLC.  I’m so thankful Nehemias is an awesome husband and helps me so much…he cooks, does the dishes and forces me to nap with the baby. 

I can’t believe that Diego is already a month old.  It seemed like I would be pregnant forever and now it’s over and I have this wonderful, funny, adorable little person to take care of and treasure.  He has already added so much to our lives I can’t imagine if we hadn’t added on to our family.  I guess I am hard-wired to love big families tho, since I grew up in a house with 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  The noise and chaos feel natural…and as long as I can stay ahead of the mess I’m doing fine.

Obviously I am adjusting to my new schedule because I’ve found myself thinking about work lately, which hasn’t happened since June.  I’m not starting right away, but I think I may call my schools and book my first visits.  I hope that will get them organized so that when I go they are ready for me with signed permission slips and the like.   

Maybe the reason why I am thinking about work is that Wednesday is my first payday of this contract, and that it s for more than I am used to.   I’ve gone from a 80 day contract to a 100 day contract, so I am excited about that.  Sure it is spread amongst 5 schools, but prior to my services these schools were doing well to get one SLP visit a year.

I shall have  come back to this post later…I hear water escaping the tub, I must investigate.

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