I Thought it Would be Cute to Do a 12 Days of Christmas Post but I Missed the Boat on That One

I would like to wish all of my beloved tweeps (twitter peeps) particularly my SLPeeps a wonderful holiday filled with everything that makes them happy.  To aid them in their joy I thought I would give them all a small virtual gift.


@przybyla8 I give continued #1 status and all the big jugs she can handle (wow that came out kinda dirty, ah well, Merry Christmas) 

@speechbob  (who coined the #slpeep term) I give extra time to play WoW and a book deal for his NaNoWriMo

@SLPTanya I give a soddie and a shank (to protect herself)

@albrechtjn I give a Queen’s Ransom (of bacon)

@namastebyday I give a humongous jar of CALORIE FREE AND FAT BURNING Nutella

@creehawk I give everything on her etsy wishlist

@sweetsistermary I give Vin Diesel and Angelina Jolie…this could get interesting (don’t lick ALL their tattoos off)

@mtmaryslp I give a blog of her own (ok that one is a little for me too) Maybe she would like to be besties with yet another famous SLP

@StutteringMe I give a new pimp cup

@speechreka I give snow…in Barbados

@CASLPA I give a doubled budget (hey we can all dream right?)

@padaysia I give the downpayment for her alpaca farm

@zealousidler I give honorary Canadian citizenship

@adirondackmetal I give tons of metal orders on her etsy site and a huge pile of bacon

@adaoust13 I give will share Georges St Pierre

@courtneystrain I give a perfect GRE score


I have too many tweeps…I need a break.

5 thoughts on “I Thought it Would be Cute to Do a 12 Days of Christmas Post but I Missed the Boat on That One

  1. ROFL! You are the best – thanks for the soddie. I’ll set it up in the backyard today and let people stranded on the highway and waiting for the army live it in tonight 😉 I’ll CONSIDER letting them use our toilets. Of course, it’s probably OK, what with the shank and all to keep us safe!!

  2. You are hilarious! Now I just have to practice speaking, so people won’t know I’m a phony. Toque. Um, what else? Soddie. Back bacon. Yep, I think I’ll do alright.

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