34 Skye-isms

Gina posted a “things about me” post that I thought was cute so I decided to do something similar.  Lucky, lucky readers…please don’t X out of this screen immediately.  I decided that this would be a good time to do this because I see from my blog stats that I’ve had a bit more traffic lately.  Here we go:

1. I cannot fall asleep without cracking my toes.  Will I get toe arthritis? Maybe but that isn’t stopping me.

2. As a child I couldn’t fall asleep without sucking my bottom lip.  I did this from birth and my mom was worried it would give me cancer or an oral fixation. *koff koff*

I may be my mother's worst fear

3. My husband is an amazing cook and continually spoils me with authentic mexican cuisine but I still have a soft spot in my heart for Taco Bell.  Yo quiero Taco Bell.

4. The new Weight Watcher’s plan is proving very challenging for me to follow.  The old plan just seemed, “easier.”

5. I’m sad that sweetly awkward Ginger kid never made it to the Top 13 on American Idol.  I’m so happy that James Durbin made it tho.  (Yes I watch American Idol and I am also aware that I’m Canadian.)

6. The power of nature that we are seeing in Japan and around the world makes me feel small and very connected to the world all at once.  Nature is doing what it has always done…and my prayers are with everyone in her path.

7. Cielo and Jr are currently at my mother’s house.  We went to visit yesterday because my niece is also visiting.  It was so fun…until I tried to take them home.  They are still there and I’m so glad Diego is still a baby and can’t ditch me.

8. I’m going to a Pam Marshalla workshop on Monday in Edmonton and I am EXCESSIVELY excited.  I follow her on twitter so I may try to dial down my enthusiasm so I do not end up with a TRO…but maybe she needs a new bestie.  It would actually be remiss of me to deny her the awkward awesomeness that is ndnspeechmom.

9.  So far being 34 is awesome.  I bought a Lotto Max ticket yesterday so my goal to be a millionaire before I’m 35 may still come true.  (I’ve actually never had great wealth as a goal…just a home of my own and to be able to pay my own bills.)

10. I really really want to buy an iPad 2.  It is going to be difficult to restrain myself.  I may have a bit of a shopping addiction.

11. When I first met my husband he introduced himself as Diego because everyone always told him Nehemias was too hard to pronounce.  On our second date he told me his real name.  (We count the day we met as our first date.) Technically both of our sons are named after him.

12. I actually still suck my bottom lip when I’m falling asleep.

13.  Before deciding on Speech Pathology I wanted to be a flight attendant, lawyer or a  ninja.

I should have this on the back window of my SUV

14.  I can’t eat raw tomatoes.  They make me barfy.

15.  All the makeup I wear is M.A.C. (when I wear it)

16. Having a big comfy recliner in my living room would make me happy.  I don’t know if I can find one that will fit.

17.  At random times Cielo, Jr or myself will shout, “DANCE PARTY!” and we will all get our grooves on….Nehemias says they never do this when he is home alone with them.

18. I love my job, it is totally rewarding, fun and I am lucky enough to make my own schedule.  I’m glad I found my little niche in the world.

19. I’ve asked my husband more than once, “I’m 29, 32, 33 right?” (Number varied depending on the year)

20. I love listening to rap, hair metal, talk radio, hip hop and 90s music on my commute.  I’m the one rolling down the highway singing at the top of my lungs.

21. Considering I gained weight (and I have 3 children…weight is my fault not my babies) I’m so happy I don’t have stretch marks.

22.  I’m the third of my mom’s 8 children…no wonder I’m so loud.  #MiddleChildSyndrome

23. #iHaveTheTendancyToUseLongAndUnamusingHashtags #iBlameZuckerberg

24. I remember thinking that I would be so old and grown up in the year 2000.  It is 2011.  I’m officially old in 17 year old ndnspeechmom’s mind.

25. Seventeen year old ndnspeechmom was an idiot who started dating a guy who was TOTALLY wrong for her and wasted way too much time.  Thank goodness I *finally* wised up and was fortunate enough to meet and ensnare captivate my husband.

26. I can’t swim.  I can float and doggie paddle a little but if you put me in the ocean I’m totally going to drown.

27. Diego continually tries to pluck out my eyes.  This would be annoying if it wasn’t so adorable.

28. I miss North Carolina.  Ok fine I miss the restaurants (and my friends)

29. We are going to retire in Mexico.  I hope my Spanish is better by then.

31. My B.A. isn’t in Speech Pathology/Communication Disorders.  I have a B.A. in Sociology – Race and Gender Studies.  I minored in Native Studies and had a concentration in Elementary Education.

32. When I was an undergrad I had a professor tell me that I would never be a Speech Pathologist and that I was lovely but just not “cut out” for the job.  I kind of believed her for a while and even put in for an early graduation (I was a double major, Soc. and Comm. Dis.) with my other major.  I was 2 classes short for my undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology.  I am thankful that I didn’t let her kill my dream and that I later went back to graduate school.

33.  I  like reading my name on plaques in my High School.  (Drama and Academics…I’m SO not an athlete.)

34. My tres leches cake is killer.  Seriously…it’s slap yo mama good.

6 thoughts on “34 Skye-isms

  1. Cracking your knuckles…either of the fingers or of the toes….will not give you arthritis….so you are safe! Crack on it’s just gas bubbles!!

  2. I love your posts. I’m also pretty quirky and maybe we will meet up at one of the CASLPA events. I’m going to see Pam Marshalla as well, but in BC.

  3. Glad you did your own post! I crack my toes all.the.time.

    And you are going to love Pam Marshalla. You will be so anxious to get back to your kids and try her tricks. And for the record, they SO work.

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