Speak Well, Hear Well, Live Well Giveaway! You Get a Car…and YOU get an iPad!

I’m kidding naturally…sorry.  Control yourselves people, I am not Oprah but a socio-economically challenged speech pathologist.  This small blog giveaway is to help celebrate & promote May – Speech and Hearing Month.  It is fun to have a new slogan, this year May Month has been rebranded with “Speak Well, Hear Well, Live Well”  by our friends at CASLPA

This blog post is about the NDNSPEECHMOM MAY MONTH GIVEAWAY!!  Enter and win the following:

Handcrafted (not by me) Beaded Earrings

In addition to the earrings the prize pack will arrive with “mystery” gifts! (Are you intrigued? You should be…mysteries are awesome.)

How do you enter? I’m glad you asked! To enter simply leave a comment on this post saying how you plan to celebrate Speech & Hearing Month and a winner will be chosen on Friday, May 13, 2011.  Everyone is eligible to enter from any and all countries…including CASLPA employees.  (You do not have to be a SLP or Audiologist to enter.)
For extra entries you can do 1 or all of the following (leave an additional comment for each extra entry):
1. tweet about this giveaway (include an @ mention to me @ndnspeechmom and/or a link back to this post)
2. follow my youtube channel
3. subscribe to this blog
I don’t expect many entries so comment away and win you some NDN bling and a mystery gift!!

10 thoughts on “Speak Well, Hear Well, Live Well Giveaway! You Get a Car…and YOU get an iPad!

  1. This wasn’t intentional, but I happen to be attending several loud concerts during BSHM, BUT I plan on:

    1) wearing my earplugs and bringing extra earplugs to give away
    2) standing in the back
    3) taking several breaks
    4) lecture my friends about how we’re damaging our hearing and how we should attend the symphony instead


  2. Ok, this may disqualify me but I’m going to shoot for it anyway 😀

    I really want to win those earrings because: 1. I am a retired SLP; 2. my birthday is on the 12th; 3. I have to have surgery on my birthday–don’t you feel sorry for me 😦 and 4. I’m 1/8 Cherokee

    ****entered via twitter

  3. I plan to celebrate by working for a Speech Therapy company, and by using social networking sites like twitter and facebook to get awareness out for Better Speech & Hearing Month. I Love these earrings and would love to wear them to work and show them off 🙂 Our company Progressive Therapy, has also just started following you on Twitter and I will be tweeting about this contest for an extra entry! THANKS 🙂

    *****entered via twitter

  4. I wrote two blog posts about BHSM and Speak/Hear/Live month, AND I am potentially helping @jenspeechlady make a podcast about it. Tho I used to have one pierced ear and it appears to have decided to never, ever fully close, I will forgo the lovely earrings should I win and hand them off to the next winner, LOL.

  5. I am going to celebrate BHSM by slashing the tires of every car I see driving with their music really loud…

    …o.k. not really, but I will probably eat a celebratory slice of pizza and have some root beer.

    ****entered via twitter
    ****entered via subscription

  6. I plan on celebrating by turning down the volume when using my headphones! Which I probably should have done always, but y’know, I was saving it for this month. 😉

  7. I’m celebrating by increasing the awareness of speech-language needs and services on campus with general education teachers whio are just not accustomed to the IEP process.

  8. i am celebrating Better Speech and Hearing Month by posting information on my blog that relates to it and by talking with the parents of the children on my caseload about what they can do to help their children.

  9. Thank you! I’ll be so excited to wear them and tell everyone how I won them. Speaking for myself, I appreciate the screen shot showing how the winner was randomly selected.

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