A day late…

Dear Diego,
This post comes a day late my handsome, but do not take that as a reflection of my love for you. You and your brother and sister always come first in my life. I did not get this post done in time because we had such a busy day at your party. I am sad that I did not get to take as many (good) pictures as I would have liked…I hope I will be able to get some from the other people that attended the party.

You are such a wonderful baby and have truly been a gift to our lives. Everybody always remarks how easy going and happy you are…I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to be your mommy. It seems like only yesterday I live tweeted your birth (I know, I know. I’m sorry. You probably will not enjoy reading that when you grow up…skip the parts about dillating.)

Did you know that on your birthday you awoke at 5 am to give me a big grin? Truthfully you ALWAYS awake with a smile (you did not get that from me) but this was special and brought a tear to my eye because you were born at 5 am.  It felt amazing to share the moment with you when you turned exactly 1.  (Bless your little heart for going right back to sleep after our moment.)  My boy I love you so much it hurts my heart.  I would give you the world if I could.  I hope you enjoyed your birthday…friends, family, laughter, pinatas, pony rides, presents, cake and best of all – LOVE.  Te amo mucho mi hijo.

Love, Mommy

Yes, that is a pony and no he didn't get to keep it.

P.S. Mommy is so assigning someone as a photographer next time so she doesn’t miss any special moments

I see you speak the language of awesome. Awesome.

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