November 10, 2011 – My Jr is 4

Dear Junior,

As per usual Mommy is running late with the birthday post, but maybe that is because we had such a crazy, whirlwind time.  I still can’t believe that you are already four years old.  My sweet baby son.  November 9 was your last day of Pre-K last week before the long weekend, and your teachers graciously granted permission for you to have a party in your classroom.  You requested a Francesco (from Cars 2) cake and I was worried whether or not I would be able to deliver.  I managed to pull off the cake and a pinata for you to share with your friends.  I hope you liked them.

Francesco cake? Check (and a McQueen pinata to boot)
It was so fun to watch you and your classmates celebrate.  I couldn’t believe how excited and enthusiastic the other kids were.  As I snapped pictures of you all (carefully) wielding the pinata stick I almost cried thinking ahead to the future.  I can just imagine seeing these pictures during the graduation video when you finish Grade 12.  I’m so silly, getting all weepy about you finishing high school when you aren’t even in kindergarten yet but that is me.
November 10 dawned and you were four.  You were so excited because not only was it your birthday but you were going to the city alone with mommy.  Unfortunately we were going to the ophthalmologist to check on your eye.  I got sad when he said you will have surgery in January, but you were having so much fun with my iPhone I hope you didn’t notice.

my brave hijo


 After a few quick stops we were on our way home for your second party with our family.  You seemed to have a great time, surrounded by the people who love you most.  When you went to bed that night you hugged me close and asked if I was your best friend.  I said what I always do when you ask me this…”always.”

Te amo mucho Junior.


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