Meet the SLPeeps – Guess and win! EDITED WITH ANSWERS

Thank you to everyone that submitted their picture and facts for the game. I have had an awesome time looking at everyone’s pictures and learning a little more about all of you. Now for the explanation. The childhood pic will be posted with the five facts; the object of the game is to match the childhood pic with the corresponding SLPeep.

THE PRIZES – Yes, I said prizes, as in plural. I am happy to say that I have had 2 fabulous prizes donated for the winner of the game. The first is an app from @VerballyApp and the second is a gift certificate to @LessonPix !! I’d like to thank them for their generous donations and I encourage everyone to explore their products. Personally I can’t wait to get an iPad so I can try all the iPad only apps. In addition there is also a prize of a pair of beaded earrings.

The Winner will be the person who identifies the most correct SLPeeps by Friday evening (winner announced Saturday Feb 11.) Good luck everyone!

Please match the following SLPeeps (and honorary SLPeeps) with the childhood photos below. I have provided a link to each twitter page so you can get hints from their avatar (if you need help) and also so you can follow any that you are not currently following. I am hoping that this game will be fun…it will definitely be challenging since we have 26 participants!! Let’s MEET THE SLPEEPS!!!! (I totally did a ring announcer voice when I typed that.)

  1. @SLPtanya
  2. @txthreads
  3. @dibsondebs
  4. @alour
  5. @speechykeenSLP
  6. @Deb_SLP
  7. @cmcniece
  8. @SpeechTherapist
  9. @atomiclemonade
  10. @2gals
  11. @a yellowshred
  12. @mtmarySLP
  13. @slotaag
  14. @adaoust13
  15. @zealousidler
  16. @MeganPanatier
  17. @shireeheath
  18. @kirsten_lana
  19. @TriniSLP
  20. @OliviaSLP
  21. @lessonpix
  22. @dmiller92000
  23. @atklingensmith
  24. @VerballyApp
  25. @chaisabel
  26. @speechtechie

SLPEEP #1 is @MtMarySLP: 1) Left handed 2) Lived in a tipi for one summer 3) Taught classical ballet 4)Worked for both Hallmark Cards corporate office and the American Academy of Nursing for over a year as a

SLPEEP #2 is @alour : 1) Grew up, went to undergrad and grad school, and now lives, all in the same area. 2) Wanted to be a SLP since Grade 10 3) found out about SLPs by reading in a University pamphlet and instantly knew 4) Loves hockey 5) Has a small art obsession

SLPEEP #3 is @LessonPix : 1) Is not an SLP 2) Can read/write IPA 3) Has been caught on video abusing the voiceless palato-alveolar sibilant 4) Married to a great Special-Ed Pre-K Teacher 5) Does not read directions

SLPEEP #4 is @cmcniece : 1) Hates chocolate 2) Played goalkeeper on the soccer team in high school 3) Choked on/Swallowed a pen cap at age 13 and also learned that it takes ~48 hours for a pen cap to pass through the digestive system. 4) Love of neckties began at an early age. 5) Can

SLPEEP #5 is @OliviaSLP : 1) Boulders for fun (extreme sport version of rock climbing) 2) Plays the piano. 3) Had blonde hair until 17. 4) Has a show. 5) Has extremely flexible thumbs.

SLPEEP #6 is @2gals : 1) Loves to travel. 2) Has degree in Interior Design in addition to Speech Therapy degree. 3) Is an optimist. 4) Is adventurous. 5) Has a voice disorder.

SLPEEP #7 is @MeganPanatier : 1) Loves singing to cats and children. 2) Studied communication disorders & sciences at CSUN, but languages & linguistics at UCSC. 3) Prefers Android over Apple. 4) Has one sister who happens to be an amazing chef. 5) Middle name is Michelle.

SLPEEP #8 is @kirsten_lana : 1) Grew up in NY. 2) Favourite food is watermelon. 3) Started drinking coffee at 5 years old. 4) Favourite book is This Is Where I Leave You. 5) Really, really, really hates marshmallows.

SLPEEP #9 is @Deb_SLP : 1) Has two tattoos. 2) Will try nearly anything once, maybe twice. 3) Makes sleeping with a CPAP machine look sexy. 4) Really does laugh out loud. 5) When she was nine, she cut her own bangs to look like Alissa Milano on Who

SLPEEP #10 is @SpeechyKeenSLP : 1) Became an SLP when a professor ignited his/her passion for language development and coaxed him/her out of his/her teaching based degree program. 2) Born dead, doctors said baby was cognitively impaired and would not make it past a 4th grade education. 3) Has experienced wild fires, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and a spewing volcano. 4) Has an entire craft store in the home office 5) Recently spent a Christmas in Egypt

SLPEEP #11 is @TriniSLP : 1) Quite artistic, draws all artic pictures for clients. 2) Favourite food is anything shrimp. 3) Played field hockey in high school. 4) Has a passion for educating parents re: language stimulation techniques especially for children with ASD. 5) Gave birth to my 2nd son over the toilet bowl at home (not a planned home birth) just didn

SLPEEP #12 is @atklingensmith : 1) Is one of ten children. 2) Went into this field b/c of a combination of experiences working with individuals with disabilities during high school, several siblings having communication disorders, an aunt and uncle being Deaf, and just an overall interest in the field! 3) Breakfast foods (especially anything involving real maple syrup) are a guilty pleasure.4) Went to Nazareth College (Rochester, NY) for undergrad and am in the middle of grad school there now. 5) Just started a blog and would love everyone to check it out.

SLPEEP #13 is @ShireeHeath : 1) Knows Australian Sign Language. 2) Sometimes serves beer at a bar called ‘The Zoo’. 3) Loves brains. 4) Has a shark phobia. 5) Secretly likes country music.

SLPEEP #14 is @adaoust13 : 1) Was a member of a roller racing team. 2) Favourite breed of cat is an Abbysinnian. 3)Hates spiders and snakes. 4) School nickname was Chopper. 5) Fave authors are Stephen King and Shakespeare.

SLPEEP #15 is @ayellowshred : 1) Has a pet hedgehog. 2) Loves horror movies. 3) Has been skydiving. 4) Favourite clinical area is medically complex children. 5) Hasn

SLPEEP #16 is @slotaag : 1) Lived in Germany for six years. 2) Used to be a sea kayak guide on Lake Superior. 3) Loves gnomes. 4) never seen the following movies: Dirty Dancing, Grease or the Star Wars series. 5) If allowed could eat own weight in Thai food.

SLPEEP #17 is @zealousidler : 1) Born in NYC. 2) Lived in Texas for 8 years but never visited Mexico. 3) Has been a vegetarian for 11 years. 4) Can play guitar, some piano, and some fiddle. 5) SLP2B interested in AAC . . . and everything else.

SLPEEP #18 is @dmiller92000 : 1) Favourite place travelled to is Tibet. 2) Grand Canyon literally took her breath away. 3) Next place on travel list is Hawaii. 4) Has two boys, 2 years and 4 years. 5) 15th yr as a school based SLP. (Did 3 years in a rehab setting prior.)

SLPEEP #19 is @txthreads : 1) Loves to bake, would love to be a professional pastry chef. 2) Has moved many times but is not from a military family, 3) Would love to be a preschool craft teacher. 4) Been told I could survive well following a horrible disaster – can garden,raise (and butcher) animals, build, scavenge, cook, weave, sew. 5) Loves to dance.

SLPEEP #20 is @atomiclemonade : 1) From a tiny town with about 700 people and would have graduated with 19 people if high school had not closed. 2) Had a raccoon named Rascal. 3) Loves working as a speech therapist in a school, but would also like to dabble in rehab once CCCs are obtained. 4) Favourite food would be homemade guacamole. 5) Would love to go to Egypt and visit the pyramids.

SLPEEP #21 is @SpeechTherapist : 1) Learned to ride a bicycle at 10. 2) Most exotic meat ever eaten is ostrich, 3) Favourite TV show ever is Northern Exposure. 4) Wants to go back to grad school to study neuroscience. 5) Loves drinking tea and watching movies.

SLPEEP #22 is @SpeechTechie : 1) Currently prefers iBooks app. 2) Currently obsessed with Downton Abbey. 3) Deathly afraid of heights, which becomes a problem on convention center escalators. 4) Never could tell what the hell was going on in videofluroscopies, so avoids dysphagia. 5) Spent a mortifying year with Mom as 8th grade teacher, followed by having an Annie Glenn Award-Winning NKOTB as a classmate.

SLPEEP #23 is @VerballyApp : 1) Parents were born and raised in Hawaii. 2) Works for her brother in law -- for free. 3) Met her husband at the University of Illinois. 4) Thinks rice krispie treats are the perfect food. 5) Her in-laws all live in the bay area, and she lives on the exact opposite coast.

SLPEEP #24 is @chaisabel : 1) Mommy of a 4 year old boy. 2) Lives in the Carribean. 3) Is addicted to chocolate. 4) Is a school based SLP. 5) Sister is a SLP too!

SLPEEP #25 is @SLPtanya : 1) Has had two different Grammy winners for dinner at their house. 2) Helped produce at TV show at 5. 3) Hates coffee but favourite chocolate is a coffee cream. 4) Decided to be a SLP final year of high school. 5) Was a very picky eater as a child but love all different kinds of food now and am now fairly adventurous.

SLPEEP #26 is @dibsondeb : 1) Has foodgasms in the grocery store. 2) Loves Big Bang Theory. 3)Avid reader of paranormal romances. 4) Thinks sushi and dark chocolate are fabulous. 5) Not a neat freak.

Thanks for playing and good luck! Leave your guesses in a comment and EVERYONE is allowed to play INCLUDING those who submitted pictures. Please give it a try, VerballyApp and LessonPix really donated some wonderful prizes (that I wish I could keep!)

Most correct out of 26 by Friday night wins…will call contest early if someone gets all 26. Comments will be screened so nobody will see your guesses.

***Guesses in the following format please: SLPeep #30 is @ndnspeechmom

16 thoughts on “Meet the SLPeeps – Guess and win! EDITED WITH ANSWERS

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  2. Okay this is really the best I can do. I know I’ve mucked up a lot of them and took random guesses in places…but yep…best I can do. – @CASLPA

    SLPeep #1 is @zealousidler
    SLPeep #2 is @MeganPanatier
    SLPeep #3 is @VerballyApp
    SLPeep # 4 is @cmcniece
    SLPeep #5 is @OliviaSLP
    SLPeep #6 is @AYellowShred
    SLPeep #7 is @SpeechTherapist
    SLPeep #8 is @kirsten_lana
    SLPeep #9 is @adaoust
    SLPeep #10 is @SpeechyKeenSLP
    SLPeep #11 is @TriniSLP
    SLPeep #12 is @atklingensmith
    SLPeep #13 is @shireeheath
    SLPeep #14 is @alour
    SLPeep #15 is @SLPTanya
    SLPeep #16 is @Slotaag
    SLPeep #17 is @Deb_SLP
    SLPeep #18 is @dmiller92000
    SLPeep #19 is @mtmarySLP
    SLPeep #20 is @atomiclemonade
    SLPeep #21 is @TxThreads
    SLPeep #22 is @SpeechTechie***
    SLPeep #23 @LessonPix
    SLPeep #24 is @chaisabel
    SLPeep #25 is @2gals
    SLPeep #26 is @dibsondebs

  3. SLPeep #1 is alour
    SLPeep #2 is OliviaSLP
    SLPeep #3 is cmcniece
    SLPeep #4 is slotaag
    SLPeep #5 is MeganPanatier
    SLPeep #6 is mtmarySLP
    SLPeep #7 is adaoust13
    SLPeep #8 is zealousidler
    SLPeep #9 is 2gals
    SLPeep #10 is VerballyApp
    SLPeep #11 is TriniSLP
    SLPeep #12 is atklingenmith
    SLPeep #13 is shireeheath
    SLPeep #14 is lessonpix
    SLPeep #15 is speechykeenSLP
    SLPeep #16 is speechtechie
    SLPeep #17 is ayellowshred
    SLPeep #18 is dmiller92000
    SLPeep #19 is kristen_lana
    SLPeep #20 is dibsondebs
    SLPeep #21 is chaisabel
    SLPeep #22 is SpeechTherapist
    SLPeep #23 is atomiclemonade
    SLPeep #24 is txthreads
    SLPeep #25 is Deb_SLP
    SLPeep #26 is SLPTanya

    Several are random guesses, so it could be interesting! 🙂

    Aubrey Taylor Klingensmith (atklingensmith)

  4. Okay…here goes. Some (most) of these are complete guesses.

    1) mtmarySLP

    2) Alour

    3) LessonPix

    4) CmcNiece

    5) OliviaSLP

    6) 2Gals

    7) Meganpanatier

    8) Atomiclemonade

    9) speechykeenSLP

    10) txthreads

    11) Trini

    12) atklingensmith

    13) ShireeHeath

    14) zealousidler

    15) adaoust13

    16) slotaag

    17) deb_slp

    18) Dmiller9200

    19) kirsten_lana

    20) chaisabel

    21) speechtharpist

    22) speechtechie

    23) verballyApp

    24) ayellowshred

    25) SLPTanya

    26) disbondeb

  5. My Dearest Skye I would not have put myself through this agony for anyone other than you!

    #1 is Deb_SLP
    #2 is alour
    #3 is txthreads
    #4 is slotagg
    #5 is OliviaSLP
    #6 is 2gals-and I’m 100% positive about that!
    #7 is cmcniece
    #8 is speechykeenSLP
    #9 is mtmarySLP or I’ll eat my hat
    #10 is SLPTanya
    #11 is dmiller92000
    #12 is atklingensmith
    #13 is adaoust
    #14 is shireeheath
    #15 is a yellowshred
    #16 is speechtechie
    #17 is kirsten_lana
    #18 is VerballyApp
    #19 is dibsondeb
    #20 is atomiclemonade
    #21 is SpeechTherapist
    #22 is lessonpix
    #23 is zealousidler
    #24 is TriniSLP
    #25 is MeganPanatier
    #26 is chaisabel

    Now tell me how wonderfully SMART I am!!!!

  6. slpeep #1 is @mtmarySLP (obviously)
    slpeep # 2 is @alour
    slpeep # 3 is @lessonpix
    slpeep # 4 is @cmcniece
    slpeep #5 is @OliviaSLP (nailed it!)
    slpeep #6 is @2Gals
    slpeep #7 is @MeganPanatier (thank you FB)
    slpeep #8 is @zealousidler (?)
    slpeep # 9 is @adaoust13
    slpeep #10 is @txthreads
    slpeep #11 is @triniSLP
    slpeep #12 is @atklingensmith
    slpeep #13 is @Shireeheath (we won’t think less of her for Country music)
    slpeep #14 is @DebSLP
    slpeep #15 is @kirsten_lana
    slpeep #16 is @slotaag
    slpeep #17 is @a_yellowshred
    slpeep #18 is @dmiller9200
    slpeep #19 is @speechykeenSLP
    slpeep #20 is @atomiclemonade
    slpeep #21 is @speechtherapist
    slpeep #22 is @speechtechie (go NKOTB!)
    slpeep #23 is @verballyapp
    slpeep #24 is @chaisabel
    slpeep #25 is @SLPTanya
    slpeep #26 is @dibsondebs

    Phew. That was hard, but fun! thanks 🙂

      • Deb_SLP answers
        1. mtmarySLP
        2. alour
        3. lessonpix
        4. speechtechie
        5. oliviaSLP
        6. atklingensmith
        7. MeganPanatier
        8. zealousidler
        9. Deb_SLP
        10. slotaag
        11. atomiclemonade
        12. chaisabel
        13. shireeheath
        14. slptanya
        15. trinislp
        16. adaoust13
        17. ayellowshred
        18. speechykeenSLP
        19. kirsten_lana
        20. 2gals
        21. speechTherapist
        22. cmcniece
        23. dmiller92000
        24. txthreads
        25. verballyapp
        26. dibson debs

        (was submitted in all numbers format but i added names for ease of reading)
        p.s. how do you post a screenshot in comments?

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