How do you make a PB&J?

It is always a challenge to get some of my kiddos motivated and engaged when they have a day off school the next day (treaty day in this community tomorrow.) What to do when you need to yet again work on sequencing. Step by step picture cards just aren’t cutting it so why not use your head…literally.

The kids had a great time talking me through making a PB&J on my head which was trickier than it looks. Amidst much hilarity we managed to get several different sandwiches made using a Melissa & Doug game that I bought on clearance for $9.

We had a blast making good old PB &Js along with the yummiest and grossest sandwiches they could imagine.

My personal fav was when we tossed ingredients to each other and caught them on the bread mittens. Don’t you just love Velcro?

We even managed to work on phonological awareness skills with this activity. Today in the therapy room everyone was making sandwiches.

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