Fun, family and speech therapy a go-go! Maybe I am not your “typical” SLP….I am however extremely motivated and love my job, so maybe I am typical after all! My twitter handle @ndnspeechmom describes me perfectly…

NDN – This is a slang term for the (politically incorrect) word Indian; meaning First Nations (Native American).  Although I refer to myself and fellow natives with this term I generally do not appreciate being called “Indian” by nonnatives because depending on tone it comes off as a slur.  I was born and raised on a reservation and am a proud member of Thunderchild First Nation.

SPEECH – I am an (overly) enthusiastic Speech Pathologist.  I received my master’s degree while I was going to graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  I miss the Southern weather whenever winter rolls around here in Saskatchewan.

MOM– I am a proud mommy to 4 little “angels” (Cielo, Jr, Diego and Dylan)

the kidlets

Ok, maybe ndnspeechmom doesn’t describe me fully so I will try fill in a few more blanks.  I am married to a wonderful man who willingly came to live in snowy Canada.  (His hometown is Acapulco–seriously I think he is crazy to leave such a beautiful place.)  My addictions include M.A.C. makeup, LUSH, television series on DVD and laughing too loudly in public.  I am also a ninja.  (I wish…I’d be a terrible ninja because I talk too much.)

9 thoughts on “About

      • Please help. My 13 yr. old FN nephews (twins) have a problem with their “r”s, audibility, and mumbling. Is it too late for this to be corrected? I discovered “lazy tongue” excercises. Their dad is also a mumbler and hasn’t acknowledged that this will shut them down as they become older (which it is). Speech therapy was offered at their school but he did not give consent because he didn’t want them singled out! What to do? Any excellent info sites to recommend?

  1. Just getting started with social media and stumbled across your tweets and blog. Love it! I’m in GSO and we do have enviable weather (my sister in Chicago wholeheartedly agrees). Glad to “meet” another overly enthusiastic SLP!

  2. Oooo you’re native too?! Awesomeness. I’m only *thinks* uhm… a third? My grandmother is full my mom is half so I’m… less then that xD HAHA

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