Super SLP Giveaway

Hello there! If you have a minute I suggest you click over and enter Home Speech Home’s great Super SLP logo contest.  Personally I would pick the tote bag as a prize.

P.S. vote for the “Superman” type logo like I did…I think it is super cute

I picked this one

SLPeep Scavenger Hunt!

Greetings fellow speech lovers and my audiology lovelies! I’ve been gone awhile, busy busy as I’m sure you all are but NATURALLY we have to do something for Speech and Hearing Month.  This is open to all! (SLPeeps, AudPeeps, SLP and AUD 2B, organizations, businesses…)

I present….the SLPeep (and AudPeep) Scavenger hunt! It is similiar to a photo of the day (although some entries may not be photos) and allows the option for participants to “catch up” if they fall behind on posts.  There is an opportunity to enter 30 times, but each entry has to include @ndnspeechmom on twitter so I will be able to find them easily.  (Entries can be in the form of pics, links or informative tweets.) Prizes are TBA but I think there will be 3 prizes at least.

Be creative; use the 30 topics as inspiration for your entries.  It is always fun to see all the entries, I am looking forward to getting new ideas for apps, tx and resources.  I hope quite a few of you will enter, it will be awesome I promise! As always, businesses and app developers are welcome to enter and build relationships with the SLPeeps and the AudPeeps…we are a friendly bunch!

Happy May Month everyone.  Watch the blog for recaps of entries…and enjoy the ideas and information.

Native Youth Opportunity

Canada World Youth (CWY) is currently recruiting 54 youth for 6-week
Youth Leaders in Action programs in the following countries: Nicaragua,
Peru and Tanzania and are only open to Aboriginal youth aged between
17-29. All these programs will run between February and March 2013 and
the deadline to submit applications is January 18, 2013. For more
information on each program, please go to the website:

Today’s Heroes!

I generally don’t do SLP app or game reviews because there are already so many that do an amazing job (like Sean & Aubrey to name a couple) but today 3 particular games and apps have really saved my bacon. The kids this morning I was working with couldn’t/wouldn’t focus on anything so I pulled out the big guns. EVERYONE LOVED…

Jeepers Peepers by Super Duper. I found out about this awesome game when Ashley was participating in my #mmpotd challenge last May. (I went through the stack and chose cards that matched the artic goals but it was a great language activity too.)

Speech With Milo Gameboard app. Today the old fashioned games just weren’t working. (This game is for artic practice, just wish it had /l/.) We had fun doing the celebration dance to the music at the end. (I won btw)

The Grumble Noise by Erik Raj. We did this at the end as a treat, worked out well as a language activity and the kids loved exploring the pages. (My son Jr LOVES this book and sometimes hides under his Cielo and Diego’s beds saying, “grumble grumble GRUMBLE!”)

So thanks Ashley, Milo and Erik! You guys are my heroes!