Happy NDN Day

Today is Aboriginal Day in Canada and it is making me think of Pow Wow.  If I  have my way my boys will be Chicken Dancers. (This video offers a brief explanation of the style and example of the dancing.)

I hope Cielo will dance Fancy Shawl.  This video is an example of young girls dancing fancy shawl.


I am also really loving how this music video showcases hoop dancers and a fancy shawl dancer.   I wish I knew the names of these youths. The hoop dancers are champion Tony Duncan and his brother Kevin. I still don’t know who the fancy dancer isThe fancy shawl dancer is Violet Duncan, Miss Indian World 2007 (wife of Tony.)  Much respect out to Nelly Furtado for featuring these talented individuals.

By the way, does anyone remember at the Juno’s in 2004 when Nelly sang with Whitefish Jrs?