Bloggess Book Club News

This book club is making me feel like Oprah. Except not rich…or famous. Hmm.

This book club is gonna be awesome! The Bloggess herself is even excited.  “Next Tuesday we’re going to start to discuss the first few chapters of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in a live book club where you can be drunk, home and in your pajamas.  It will be awesome. ” (excerpt taken from her blog)

The really exciting part is, “Then ever day that week from 7-8pm central we’ll talk about the chapters until we devolve into absurdity.  To get things started for those of you who haven’t bought, borrowed or stolen the book yet I did a quick reading last night of the Introduction and chapter 1.  It’s a titch cursey so you’ve been warned.” (SQUEE)

She also provided the pictures (and more) from the book for those with the audio version

I am so excited for tomorrow. I would like to delude myself into thinking this stemmed from our group but I’m sure there were many, many other twitter book clubs.  Or maybe it was us….GO SPEECH JUSTICE LEAGUE!