Pow Wows, Pregnancy and FREE ALCOHOL!!

Ok, I lied about the alcohol.

I meant to blog about the Pow Wow sooner but things got away from me.  In a word, it was amazing.  Seriously it was exactly what I needed.  I didn’t go to the first day because it was raining a bit and I wimped out…but I totally enjoyed Saturday and Sunday.  Was great to go out with my little family, get my kids out in their moccasins and just soak in the sights and sounds.  (Since the Pow Wow my kids haven’t worn anything but their moccs.)

Grand Entry (my brother snuck in with the dignitaries...well actually he is on council so he was supposed to be there)

Sometimes it is difficult finding a seat but we were lucky

2nd row from bottom (dad, mom, bro Wil, sis Lee, bro Chris, Junior and Cielo)

 Whenever I’m at a Pow Wow I’m reminded how much I miss it.  I think I’d like to dance again, but I need to get my regalia together.  (Regalia…as a kid I just called it my “outfit.”)  I definitely want my babies to dance so to set an example I think I will have to get back in the circle.

Ooh shiny

I think Junior would make a cute Chicken Dancer.  It seems to be the style he likes the most,  judging by his actions when they are dancing.

little flock of Prairie Chicken Dancers

Perhaps Cielo will dance fancy like her cousin

little niece

We all had a wonderful time at the Pow Wow although I didn’t find earrings that I wanted to buy…and I ended up not buying anything except for food.  I found an amazing bannock burger but Mission Awesome Indian Taco failed miserably.  I gave up after my first disappointment and made my own later…

nom nom nom

I have another OB appointment today.  I’m totally ready to have the baby, I’m getting a bit tired of all these doctor visits.  Plus, once the baby is born my Cholestasis should go away and I will no longer scratch like crazy.  I hate it when I see people looking at my scratched arms and legs.  I can’t even imagine what they would look like if I didn’t have my meds. 

We finally set up the bassinet – Cielo has a few toys in there for the baby (Buzz Lightyear and Woody.) I have the baby’s clothes sorted from my huge stash of baby clothes now that we know what we are expecting.  We are excited because this is our tie breaker…. 


FINALLY a hot day in Saskatchewan

Today it is 28 C…and i mean POSITIVE 28!! I am beyond excited and happy.  To mark the occassion I decided to wear a skirt and top combo that makes me feel both cute and extremely pregnant.  I even have cute toes since I got a pedicure last Monday…oh how delicate and feminine I appear today. *snort*

I havent been blogging much lately although i did participate in #BloggersWithoutMakeup via twitter.

SO glam I want to do myself

So in a way I “sort of” made a small post.  Looking at that pic kind of makes me want to put more lipstick on…

As per usual I have been on Twitter a lot lately, if you are not following me you should be een though I never wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.  I hate that song although the line makes me laugh.

This morning I got a bbm message (blackberry messenger for anyone not on TeamBlackberry) from my brother.  He had a meeting this morning with Husky Oil in Lloydminster (my brother is a band councillor).  Anyway the meeting ended up being in Calgary with the President of Husky Oil…very cool, especially since he was gifted with a Pendleton Blanket.  (I may try convince him that it would make an excellent housewarming present for me.)

Speaking of housewarming we have been busy with our new little home.  I LOVE IT!! We have a double lot and lots of gorgeous mature trees and even a little bridge! Anyway, it will be amazing, pictures to follow so stay tuned.