Validation That I Am Indeed in the Right Profession (and/or I am a Geek)

The following is an excerpt from an email I just sent to SASLPA (Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists):

“…The other thing I wanted to ask you about was SASLPA’s social networking.  We need to start!! CASLPA is actually already quite involved online; with active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There is even an online SLP group via twitter called the SLPeeps.  This is exciting because it is an opportunity for support, a sounding board and just plain social interaction with like-minded professionals.  Here is a link to CASLPA’s description of the Resource Share (on google docs) that has begun.

CASLPA also has a Powerpoint presentation describing the need/appeal of PROFESSIONAL social networking.  To learn more about CASLPA’s stand on their web presence and social media here is a link.

I think what I enjoy the most about tweeting/talking with CASLPA is that it humanized the organization for me, making it feel more like a true relationship.  Now I consider CASLPA my friend, with whom I get excited to share information with and enjoy a dialogue with as well! I even once got a tweet (personal message) from the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of CASLPA.  (Seriously I was so excited that I clapped my hands when I read it.)

I think I am much more aware of what CASLPA does for me as a professional because of social networking, and I am now less grumbly about paying my membership fees because I feel I am truly gaining something valuable from this professional organization.  This is what SASLPA needs…a stronger web presence and a deeper social/professional connection with its members.”


CASLPA, it sounds like I really want to make out with you.  My bad…well, I’m off to go doodle CASLPA’s name in my trapper keeper note tote notebook.

I Thought it Would be Cute to Do a 12 Days of Christmas Post but I Missed the Boat on That One

I would like to wish all of my beloved tweeps (twitter peeps) particularly my SLPeeps a wonderful holiday filled with everything that makes them happy.  To aid them in their joy I thought I would give them all a small virtual gift.


@przybyla8 I give continued #1 status and all the big jugs she can handle (wow that came out kinda dirty, ah well, Merry Christmas) 

@speechbob  (who coined the #slpeep term) I give extra time to play WoW and a book deal for his NaNoWriMo

@SLPTanya I give a soddie and a shank (to protect herself)

@albrechtjn I give a Queen’s Ransom (of bacon)

@namastebyday I give a humongous jar of CALORIE FREE AND FAT BURNING Nutella

@creehawk I give everything on her etsy wishlist

@sweetsistermary I give Vin Diesel and Angelina Jolie…this could get interesting (don’t lick ALL their tattoos off)

@mtmaryslp I give a blog of her own (ok that one is a little for me too) Maybe she would like to be besties with yet another famous SLP

@StutteringMe I give a new pimp cup

@speechreka I give snow…in Barbados

@CASLPA I give a doubled budget (hey we can all dream right?)

@padaysia I give the downpayment for her alpaca farm

@zealousidler I give honorary Canadian citizenship

@adirondackmetal I give tons of metal orders on her etsy site and a huge pile of bacon

@adaoust13 I give will share Georges St Pierre

@courtneystrain I give a perfect GRE score


I have too many tweeps…I need a break.

Conferences and other Conventional Thoughts

Usually I write my title first and try to keep my post on topic, but I feel rambly so I’m curious what this post turns out to be.

(I just sneezed super loud and heard my 3 and 4 year old gasp audibly.  My daughter stage whispered, “OH! What was that?”  Her brother responded,

“Mommy I think.)


Anyway, my twitter stream today is all about the ASHA Convention.  I really wish I was going but at least I can keep up with everyone’s live tweets about it.  Now I REALLY want to attend the CASLPA convention in Montreal this coming May, so I suppose I have to get a pencil and paper out and see if I can swing it.  I wonder where the convention is next year…I wish it was in Alberta or BC so it would be closer.  It was in Whitehorse last year which is technically out west but was too far north, even for me.  I particularly want to attend the CASLPA convention this year so I can see Tanya and Janelle do their presentation on Social Networking and Professional Development.   Ugh all this SLP talk reminds me that I need to renew my SK and AB licenses by the end of December. *sigh* CASLPA convention is looking farther away…

Speaking of conventions I just realized that I’m presenting at a conference next week.  Actually this time next week I will be finished.  I wish it was already next week because then I would be in Edmonton near my fav mall.  (Haha just planning on spending my per diem as soon as I get it.)  I’m a little nervous, I always am before public speaking but once I get into the topic I’m usually ok.  Truthfully I am always surprised when people choose to go to my session over one of the more “fun” and light choices.  (Hello…free massages?)  I have to finish my powerpoint and then get handouts and whatnot ready. It will be great, this is my 3rd year presenting at the Knowing Our Spirits Conference.  (The KOS conference features education, culture and contemporary issues related to First Nation, Metis, and Inuit peoples.)


Lately I have been feeling so behind.  There are so many things I want to do in my house, with my kids, for my job, online and all by myself….and yet it just isn’t happening.  This isn’t like me and I do not care for it at all.  I think what bothers me the most is that it makes me feel guilty, and like a bit of a fraud.  Thank goodness I’m only working part time or I can’t even imagine how crazy my schedule would be.


Who else is excited for Christmas?  We bought a tree already (6.5′ of prelit artificial goodness) and I just have to dig around in my storage area to find my ornaments.  Even if when I find them all I will probably definitely need to buy more.  Yay and boo simultaneously.  (Boo only because what if I can’t find what I’m looking for.  What AM i looking for?  Beats the hell out of me but I suppose I will know it when I see it.)


I just realized I have another problem, although maybe problem isn’t the right word.  I am a bit of an eclectic personality.  Maybe I even have multiple sides to my personality (not full on Sybil status but you know what I mean.)  My job is generally considered to be “serious” and whenever I meet people that only know me by my title (that’s M.A. SLP) they expect….Susie SLP.  That is so not me.  My generally quirkiness is what people remember about me the most…that or my painfully loud laugh or amazing rack sense of humor.  I even created a second twitter account so I could be more serious and speechie there…but that didn’t work out.  I ended up deleting my original twitter account and continue to (probably) confuse everyone with my eclectic posts. 

What do you guys think? Do you censor yourselves online at all? Honestly–I do.   My twitter and my blog are connected, by that I mean I mention my blog on twitter.  My Facebook and my blog/twitter are not associated at all (with the exception of my cousin and a few #SLPeeps.)  Why do I do this and which is a better indication of who I am? Probably my blog and twitter because there I am the most honest.  This is not saying that I lie on Fakebook Facebook, merely that there are things I am comfortable sharing here with a more select audience that I am sharing there.  Any thoughts? **looks meaningfully at the lone lurker reading this**

Recent reflections and acquired wisdom

I’m so thankful that my husband learned English in his 20’s.  If he hadn’t we would not be here together in Canada and we wouldn’t have our beautiful family.  Actually it is quite amazing how much his English has improved in the 6 years we have been together…although I suppose he has had years of free speech therapy.
I have now realized that a shower can indeed be an acomplishment.  Putting on lotion is even better.
Laundry is more fun when the clothes are teeny tiny.  Nursing bras, towels and bedsheets…less fun.
My brother is a wonderful and wise man.  His first words when he saw me this morning were, “My god, you’ve lost a lot of weight!”  Isn’t he wonderful!  (I’m 32 pounds lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant.)  Apparently pregnancy is an awesome weight loss strategy…who knew?
Just when you think that you couldn’t possibly love a man more, he insists you get some much needed sleep while he watches all 3 kids…who are all under 4 by the way.

Cooking “bigger” than you need to is awesome because then you get leftovers and don’t have to cook later.  (As an aside, I am totally patting myself on the back for everything I had prepared and stashed in my freezer.)

Twitter friends are amazing…the support, friendship and professional contacts I have made there are invaluable.

I’ve learned that if I do not immediately write about something, the odds are that it will indeed NOT get written about.  (If there was a lazy blogger award I would totally win it.)

Watching Cielo and Junior kiss Diego without prompting warms my heart.  I also cannot believe how quickly they adapted to their new baby brother, they are always trying to help with the baby.  They are super protective already and can’t stop talking about how cute he is.

my boys

my girl and her "baby brudder"

Miracles DO happen…my daughter has not willingly sat for a portrait photo in over 2 years.  I have a few pictures of her in tears and with red eyes to show her later…but now I am waiting for Sept 9 so I can pick up our family pictures.  She is smiling and posing in these pictures.  I am SO EXCITED.  All those candles I lit were TOTALLY WORTH IT! (Ok I’m kidding, I’m a lapsed Catholic so no actual candles were lit in the name of photography.)

her old pic attitude

Professional organizations CAN be involved with their members.  I received a care package in the mail from CASLPA after Diego’s birth.  There was something in there for everyone in my family.

Diego's Official CASLPA diaper bag

 Junior claimed the CASLPA brochure that came in the package.  I think my son is going to be a Speech Pathologist…this brings me great joy!

Jr reading his SLP brochure

he claimed this as his own "book"

Buzz Lightyear was abandoned for the brochure

It still hasn't gotten old...

Sweet SLP dreams