Ok, so I am continually late to the party…

There’s no partylike a FORMSPRING PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  **busts out the old school Kid n Play dance moves**

I made an account and am now trying to post the widget.

EDIT: I was trying to post the widget but I have since given up and just left the link in the sidebar.  I am hoping my beautiful cousin Creehawk, seriously that is her name  ^_^ will let me know what I’ve obviously done wrong.

Not a lot is happening today, other than that the little ones have cabin fever.  It is so wet outside that they haven’t gone outside to play, and are instead destroying my bedroom.  I will tidy it back up later when Diego sleeps (y’know, when I should be napping.)  Supper is almost ready and Nehemias should be back soon.  He headed to the rez to fire up his forge and do some metalwork.  (I am married to a blacksmith, and no he isn’t 60.)  Yesterday he got a call from someone who wants him to make a custom staircase for their new home.  We are both excited about this, as they seem to be (judging by the email she sent late last night.)  He went to meet with the people at their home (they are building a new home about 40 minutes away) and sfter he finished the meeting he continued on to the closest Wal-Mart to get more diapers and baby wipes.  As a joke I added nail polish to the list, and to my surprise he chose a colour for me.  I am excited to give myself a pedicure.

Cielo and Junior have adjusted very well to Diego.  I was worried they may be jealous or standoffish but they have surpassed my highest hopes.  They are nuts about Diego, and love to “help” and do things for him.  They are always fetching diapers/wipes, or throwing away “care packages (care packages is a cuter way to say soiled diapers.)

I tend to write rambly, verbose, stream-of-consciousness type posts.  I imagine they are hard to read, and possibly not that interesting.  Is it better to have every entry about a specific topic? (Duh, probably.)