Yesterday was the anniversary of this blog, and to celebrate I present the first (of possibly several) SLPeep/SLGeek games.  What are the SLPeeps? Besides being the title of one of my blogrolls they are a professional network of smart, savvy (dare I say sexy) Speech Language Pathologists that initially found each other on twitter.   A few days ago I butted into a twitter convo about dialects and regional differences and the idea for this game was born….could we determine where each SLPeep was from simply by hearing their voice?

Everyone was invited to send in a recording of themselves reading THE RAINBOW PASSAGE, which is a standard reading passage.

Here we go… play leave a comment matching the 16 SLPeeps to one of the following accents. **NOTE some accents will be used more than once, but ALL will be used at least one time.  There will be a prize for the winner (whoever correctly guesses the most correct.) Also, the 16 wonderful SLPeeps are also eligible to play.

a)      Barbados

b)      Ireland

c)       (Massachusetts) USA

d)      (Missouri) USA

e)      (Montana) USA

f)       (New Jersey) USA

g)      (New York) USA

h)      New Zealand

i)        (Newfoundland) Canada

j)        (Ontario) Canada

k)   Trinidad


  1. @SLPTanya – Ontario, Canada  
  2. @MtMarySLP – Montana, USA 
  3. @namastebyday – Missouri, USA
  4. @SLPrj – Newfoundland, Canada  
  5. @TriniSLP – Trinidad
  6. @albrechtjn – Ontario, Canada 
  7. @azspeechguy – (Long Island) NY, USA
  8. @commforall – Missouri, USA
  9. @tuitree – New Zealand
  10. @zealousidler – (NYC) NY, USA
  11. @scarie – Ireland
  12. @SpeechTechie – Massachusetts, USA
  13. @e_stricks – Missouri, USA  
  14. @lausie18 – New Jersey, USA 
  15. @SpeechReka – Barbados
  16. @kimberlyslp – Newfoundland, Canada