And We Have A WINNER!!

Congratulations Dean! You are the lucky winner of the Ndnspeechmom May Month giveaway! I’m really glad you won since it was your birthday yesterday AND because you also had to have surgery on your birthday.  I hope you enjoy these earrings (and the mystery gift) and wear them in good health.

Just a quick screen capture to show 1) who won, 2) that i didn't cheat, and 3) that I actually know how to do a screen capture

I wish I had an SLPeep Batsignal…Or a Million Dollars

Yesterday was iPad 2 day in the States and I found myself enjoying the vicarious excitement as my friends got in line to purchase their new toys.  Perhaps I should rephrase that as all the friends I speak of are planning to use their iPad 2 for work.  Specifically they plan to use them as a reinforcing, exciting new way to conduct speech and language therapy.  I’m totally jealous because I have been wanting one since the original came out…and now this one has a camera.  I covet it. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

Then I remember that I will probably need a new laptop before long, and that I need for work also (to write reports, progress notes, twitter, etc.)  What to do, what a conundrum.  My husband has been encouraging  me to get one for myself and reminds me that if I gain familiarity with one I will better be able to endorse it to the tribal councils I contract with to purchase them for the schools I serve.  (Plus they are so pretty and shiny.)  I am super tempted, especially since Nehemias is totally on Team  iPad 2.

Opinions welcome:

I also am totally in love with my Blackberry Torch, to the point that using non-touchscreens is painful.  Is the next step iPad 2? Damn you Bless you Steve Jobs!

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!

And the winner is…….

Champion SLGeek and winner of exclusive accent identification bragging rights among her beloved SLPeeps!

(Seriously, could @albrechtjn BE any cuter?) It was a close contest with Janelle correctly identifying 10 out of 16 of her fellow SLPeeps accents. 

I also present her with the following award:

You know she has this tatted on her somewhere…
Special thanks to the amazing SLPeeps who submitted audio samples:



















Yesterday was the anniversary of this blog, and to celebrate I present the first (of possibly several) SLPeep/SLGeek games.  What are the SLPeeps? Besides being the title of one of my blogrolls they are a professional network of smart, savvy (dare I say sexy) Speech Language Pathologists that initially found each other on twitter.   A few days ago I butted into a twitter convo about dialects and regional differences and the idea for this game was born….could we determine where each SLPeep was from simply by hearing their voice?

Everyone was invited to send in a recording of themselves reading THE RAINBOW PASSAGE, which is a standard reading passage.

Here we go… play leave a comment matching the 16 SLPeeps to one of the following accents. **NOTE some accents will be used more than once, but ALL will be used at least one time.  There will be a prize for the winner (whoever correctly guesses the most correct.) Also, the 16 wonderful SLPeeps are also eligible to play.

a)      Barbados

b)      Ireland

c)       (Massachusetts) USA

d)      (Missouri) USA

e)      (Montana) USA

f)       (New Jersey) USA

g)      (New York) USA

h)      New Zealand

i)        (Newfoundland) Canada

j)        (Ontario) Canada

k)   Trinidad


  1. @SLPTanya – Ontario, Canada  
  2. @MtMarySLP – Montana, USA 
  3. @namastebyday – Missouri, USA
  4. @SLPrj – Newfoundland, Canada  
  5. @TriniSLP – Trinidad
  6. @albrechtjn – Ontario, Canada 
  7. @azspeechguy – (Long Island) NY, USA
  8. @commforall – Missouri, USA
  9. @tuitree – New Zealand
  10. @zealousidler – (NYC) NY, USA
  11. @scarie – Ireland
  12. @SpeechTechie – Massachusetts, USA
  13. @e_stricks – Missouri, USA  
  14. @lausie18 – New Jersey, USA 
  15. @SpeechReka – Barbados
  16. @kimberlyslp – Newfoundland, Canada 

Question: Do You Want To Play a Game?

The answer is yes. During a twitter discussion a (geeky) idea for a game was born. Dialects are interesting; and everyone knows that accents are hot…and we ARE Speech and Language experts…

If we could only hear a voice would we be able to tell where the speaker was geographically from? (Ew I ended a sentence with “from” – I hate that almost as much as ending a sentence with “with.” Double ew.)

To play along send an audio recording of yourself reading the rainbow passage found here along with your twitter handle and your geographic location. Email them to and I will add them to our game.

Our SLPeep group is international so I can’t wait to hear all the recordings. This game will be more fun if greater numbers of people participate, so non-speechies please feel free to join in! Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless handheld