Random Tuesday Thoughts Part Deux

(like what I did there? with the french? tres sexy non?)

This is me participating in The Un-Mom’s loverly meme…brace yourself to be covered in the awesome.  Seriously, you should maybe put on an old shirt so you don’t get anything on yourself.

Ew. I kinda just grossed myself out.

Yesterday my blackberry was blowing up with messages from incredulous people.  Why you may ask…because my husband thought it would be hilarious to post my Facebook status as, “I think I’m pregnant again.”  I can’t decide if I’m more amused or horrified.  The amusement and horrification is two-fold; 1) he actually hacked my status and 2) people actually believed him.  (Did I mention that our son Diego is only 5 weeks old?)  Any suggestions as to what I should change his status to…since I know all his passwords. *insert evil plan laugh*

I bought some ground sausage and I plan to make this later.  Hope it turns out ok. 

there are no words

 Have you seen the trailer for that movie The Town? (I think Ben Affleck is in it.)  Those rubber nun masks those dudes are wearing creep me out every time I see it.  

Seriously it makes me want to bust out my rosary.


Reminding myself i was thankful 4 him earlier. y’know i suck at the whole witty short title thing

My husband can’t stop laughing because he used my blackberry to mess with my twitter. He wrote such charming things:

“I’m gonna make it rain on these hoes”

“That twilight guy is slovenly and a hobo”

(Ok I laughed about the second but c’mon. I am so changing his facebook status.)

Still love him like crazy tho.