My First Ever Blog Award

I have had a livejournal for years, and I’ve been sporadically writing in this blog since March but I have never received a blog award.  Until now.  It is even more exciting because I received the award from my friend Gina, a fellow SLP and August mommy.

I'd like to thank all the little people...and Ralph G. Macchio

Now I am supposed to list 7 things about myself before I pass the award on to others.  Here goes:

1. I love cats, but there is a cat in heat in my neighborhood and it seems to think that hanging from and scratching my window screens is a good idea.  I hate this cat and I wish Ralph G. Macchio was here to deal with him.

2. If you google Ralph G. Macchio you see that I successfully John C. Mayer’d him.  I am perhaps a bit too proud of this but I was (and still remain) a proud Ralph G. Macchio fan.

3. While googling Ralph G. Macchio I decided to google myself. (Haha that sounds naughty.)  I had forgotten that I had given a professor permission to use a piece of my writing from her class in her book.  The title of my work was, “Confessions of a Blog Addict,” which seems appropriate.  I doubt you want to order it but here it is, and you can see my name to show I’m not only versatile but truthful.  (Much like Ralph G.Macchio.)

4. I bought a new truck yesterday.  I’m very excited and I love it but big purchases always make me nervous.

5. I can’t stop myself from sucking my bottom lip as I fall asleep…apparently I have an oral fixation.  As a child my mom tried to break me of the habit but she was not successful as I suck my lip to this day.

6. I’m glad wordpress keeps blog stats of visits because if I only looked at my comments I would think nobody was reading this, except maybe Gina and my husband.  I *puffy heart* love comments so please feel free to leave me one, or two or as many as you feel like writing.

7.  My husband and I plan to be snowbirds and escape for at least part of the cold Saskatchewan winters for sunny Mexico when we retire.  My husband is Mexican and we are fortunate that we already have a home in Acapulco.  Mmm Mexico, I wish I was retired already.


Now to share the award love…may I have the envelope please.

A fellow livejournal survivor aperfectpisces

The beautiful, talented and tech savvy creehawk

crazy brunette chick who drops an f bomb like no other

To my Aunt Becky, visionary who inspired me to John C. Mayer Ralph G. Macchio

To fellow SLPeeps (Bob who coined the term and Kristin)

I’m going to stop at 5 because I’m not good with rules.  Enjoy your awards *throws confetti* Well, I just lost my blogger award virginity. Yay.  I hope you all respect me in the morning.

Random Tuesday Thoughts Part Deux

(like what I did there? with the french? tres sexy non?)

This is me participating in The Un-Mom’s loverly meme…brace yourself to be covered in the awesome.  Seriously, you should maybe put on an old shirt so you don’t get anything on yourself.

Ew. I kinda just grossed myself out.

Yesterday my blackberry was blowing up with messages from incredulous people.  Why you may ask…because my husband thought it would be hilarious to post my Facebook status as, “I think I’m pregnant again.”  I can’t decide if I’m more amused or horrified.  The amusement and horrification is two-fold; 1) he actually hacked my status and 2) people actually believed him.  (Did I mention that our son Diego is only 5 weeks old?)  Any suggestions as to what I should change his status to…since I know all his passwords. *insert evil plan laugh*

I bought some ground sausage and I plan to make this later.  Hope it turns out ok. 

there are no words

 Have you seen the trailer for that movie The Town? (I think Ben Affleck is in it.)  Those rubber nun masks those dudes are wearing creep me out every time I see it.  

Seriously it makes me want to bust out my rosary.


Time flies when you’re sleep deprived

Yesterday Diego was a month old.  I toyed with the idea of pulling a Dooce and writing him a monthly letter but the odds are that I won’t keep up with it, plus it hardly seems fair since I didn’t do that for Cielo or Junior.

Behold my precious bundle of joy (at 5 am…the time he was born) as he turned 1 month old.

if only he hadn't moved his arm and covered his smile

I used to think baby smiles were just gas, but now I think he is just happy.  Happy or amused that he can keep his mom up all hours, whenever I’m so exhausted that I think I could just die he will smile or chortle-laugh in his sleep (or let out an adorable fart) and then I want like 10 more babies.  Thank god that feeling goes away or I’d end up with a reality show on TLC.  I’m so thankful Nehemias is an awesome husband and helps me so much…he cooks, does the dishes and forces me to nap with the baby. 

I can’t believe that Diego is already a month old.  It seemed like I would be pregnant forever and now it’s over and I have this wonderful, funny, adorable little person to take care of and treasure.  He has already added so much to our lives I can’t imagine if we hadn’t added on to our family.  I guess I am hard-wired to love big families tho, since I grew up in a house with 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  The noise and chaos feel natural…and as long as I can stay ahead of the mess I’m doing fine.

Obviously I am adjusting to my new schedule because I’ve found myself thinking about work lately, which hasn’t happened since June.  I’m not starting right away, but I think I may call my schools and book my first visits.  I hope that will get them organized so that when I go they are ready for me with signed permission slips and the like.   

Maybe the reason why I am thinking about work is that Wednesday is my first payday of this contract, and that it s for more than I am used to.   I’ve gone from a 80 day contract to a 100 day contract, so I am excited about that.  Sure it is spread amongst 5 schools, but prior to my services these schools were doing well to get one SLP visit a year.

I shall have  come back to this post later…I hear water escaping the tub, I must investigate.

Ok, so I am continually late to the party…

There’s no partylike a FORMSPRING PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  **busts out the old school Kid n Play dance moves**

I made an account and am now trying to post the widget.

EDIT: I was trying to post the widget but I have since given up and just left the link in the sidebar.  I am hoping my beautiful cousin Creehawk, seriously that is her name  ^_^ will let me know what I’ve obviously done wrong.

Not a lot is happening today, other than that the little ones have cabin fever.  It is so wet outside that they haven’t gone outside to play, and are instead destroying my bedroom.  I will tidy it back up later when Diego sleeps (y’know, when I should be napping.)  Supper is almost ready and Nehemias should be back soon.  He headed to the rez to fire up his forge and do some metalwork.  (I am married to a blacksmith, and no he isn’t 60.)  Yesterday he got a call from someone who wants him to make a custom staircase for their new home.  We are both excited about this, as they seem to be (judging by the email she sent late last night.)  He went to meet with the people at their home (they are building a new home about 40 minutes away) and sfter he finished the meeting he continued on to the closest Wal-Mart to get more diapers and baby wipes.  As a joke I added nail polish to the list, and to my surprise he chose a colour for me.  I am excited to give myself a pedicure.

Cielo and Junior have adjusted very well to Diego.  I was worried they may be jealous or standoffish but they have surpassed my highest hopes.  They are nuts about Diego, and love to “help” and do things for him.  They are always fetching diapers/wipes, or throwing away “care packages (care packages is a cuter way to say soiled diapers.)

I tend to write rambly, verbose, stream-of-consciousness type posts.  I imagine they are hard to read, and possibly not that interesting.  Is it better to have every entry about a specific topic? (Duh, probably.)



Recent reflections and acquired wisdom

I’m so thankful that my husband learned English in his 20’s.  If he hadn’t we would not be here together in Canada and we wouldn’t have our beautiful family.  Actually it is quite amazing how much his English has improved in the 6 years we have been together…although I suppose he has had years of free speech therapy.
I have now realized that a shower can indeed be an acomplishment.  Putting on lotion is even better.
Laundry is more fun when the clothes are teeny tiny.  Nursing bras, towels and bedsheets…less fun.
My brother is a wonderful and wise man.  His first words when he saw me this morning were, “My god, you’ve lost a lot of weight!”  Isn’t he wonderful!  (I’m 32 pounds lighter than I was BEFORE I got pregnant.)  Apparently pregnancy is an awesome weight loss strategy…who knew?
Just when you think that you couldn’t possibly love a man more, he insists you get some much needed sleep while he watches all 3 kids…who are all under 4 by the way.

Cooking “bigger” than you need to is awesome because then you get leftovers and don’t have to cook later.  (As an aside, I am totally patting myself on the back for everything I had prepared and stashed in my freezer.)

Twitter friends are amazing…the support, friendship and professional contacts I have made there are invaluable.

I’ve learned that if I do not immediately write about something, the odds are that it will indeed NOT get written about.  (If there was a lazy blogger award I would totally win it.)

Watching Cielo and Junior kiss Diego without prompting warms my heart.  I also cannot believe how quickly they adapted to their new baby brother, they are always trying to help with the baby.  They are super protective already and can’t stop talking about how cute he is.

my boys

my girl and her "baby brudder"

Miracles DO happen…my daughter has not willingly sat for a portrait photo in over 2 years.  I have a few pictures of her in tears and with red eyes to show her later…but now I am waiting for Sept 9 so I can pick up our family pictures.  She is smiling and posing in these pictures.  I am SO EXCITED.  All those candles I lit were TOTALLY WORTH IT! (Ok I’m kidding, I’m a lapsed Catholic so no actual candles were lit in the name of photography.)

her old pic attitude

Professional organizations CAN be involved with their members.  I received a care package in the mail from CASLPA after Diego’s birth.  There was something in there for everyone in my family.

Diego's Official CASLPA diaper bag

 Junior claimed the CASLPA brochure that came in the package.  I think my son is going to be a Speech Pathologist…this brings me great joy!

Jr reading his SLP brochure

he claimed this as his own "book"

Buzz Lightyear was abandoned for the brochure

It still hasn't gotten old...

Sweet SLP dreams