Hello Friday

I love it when the weekend is finally here!  Not that I have any exciting plans, but that is besides the point.  Weekends=awesome.  Fact.

This has been a great week but the next two weeks are shaping up to be really busy.  I will be traveling to many, many communities-both near and far.  My work..I LOVE.  Traveling for work on muddy roads…es no bueno.  (I bet my husband would be so proud of me for utilizing a bit of my limited Spanish.  Go me.) 

Last night I watched Precious and Monsters vs Aliens with my husband.  (Yes, we watched them in that order.)  Precious was a good movie as I knew it would be but I found it made me melancholy and stirred up old worries I have regarding the safety of my children.  I was surprised when after the movie my husband said the same thing, that he liked it but it made him scared somebody would someday hurt or abuse our children.  I’m not sure if it is just normal worry or something that came from our own life experiences.  (As an aside I barely recognized Mariah Carey in her role as a social worker.) 

Monsters vs Aliens was as expected; a cute, funny, feel good cartoon.  I loved that the girl got to be the hero that saved the world.  GO SUSAN!  I love cartoons which is fortunate since I get stuck watching them a lot.  *shakes fist* I’m looking at you Dora and Diego…I’ll get you, and your little Baby Jaguar too.

I ordered a pair of earrings from a friend on twitter…they are made of awesome and I can’t wait until they come in the mail.

Reminding myself i was thankful 4 him earlier. y’know i suck at the whole witty short title thing

My husband can’t stop laughing because he used my blackberry to mess with my twitter. He wrote such charming things:

“I’m gonna make it rain on these hoes”

“That twilight guy is slovenly and a hobo”

(Ok I laughed about the second but c’mon. I am so changing his facebook status.)

Still love him like crazy tho.

Dear World, For my birthday I give you this blog. You’re welcome.

I turned 33 yesterday. Thirty-three.

I’m boggled and excited. I suppose I’m actually a grown up now, even though I swear I already thought so. To say I can’t wait to find out what 33 brings is an understatement. (I’m going to be super disappointed if this year brings me nothing but another 15 pounds.)

There is so much I have to be thankful for and I believe this is a good time to lay it all out since this is a new blog (with one lone reader who is my cousin and is also made of awesome.)

My Family: Not just the  family I was fortunate enough to be born into, but the family I have built for myself. I have a wonderful husband named Nehemias and two beautiful children named Cielo and Junior (those are their nicknames.)


I am also expecting our third child, due in August. I am very blessed and I only complain a little. (Mostly about my weight and my desire to buy a house)

My Education/My Job: Without my education I would not have my current job as a Speech Pathologist. I am also thankful for my treaty rights and my band for sponsoring me while I was in university. It was a long road. I love my job, it is all I have ever wanted to be since I was 15.  Look, I have proof 

My friends: Yay for friends! *breaks out pom poms* I would also like to add that I am not just speaking about RL friends, but online friends too.

Technological things I am addicted to: My blackberry, my laptop, Twitter, Livejournal, my ipod and TV SHOWS ON DVD!!


Back to my birthday, I had a marvelous day. We had a family dinner (of 14) of INDIAN TACOS! If you have never had one I feel very sorry for your poor deprived soul. We also had a tres leches cake (I didn’t say delicious because I baked it myself and I didn’t want to toot my own horn, but **toot toot** anyway.) Lovely gifts, loving people…just an all around great day. Yay.

33. Wow. How did I get here