early morning ramblings from an insomniac

Ok apparently lying in bed and alternating between putting my blackberry down and reading blogs on said blackberry is in fact NOT conducive to sleeping.  (baby doing gymnastics in my uterus isn’t helping either)  I realized that since I obviously wasn’t sleeping I might as well get up and read the blogs on a larger screen.  What was I reading you ask?  THIS.  Girlie cracks me up, particularly with the profanity. 

I’m not sure how this post will turn out, maybe it will be complete nonsense but that is ok because its 3:46 am and I have an OB appointment tomorrow. (oh yeah and I’m still itchy…cholestasis sucks)  Considering how messed up my sleep schedule is, I’m very glad that I am off work for the summer.  I probably won’t start back at work until October just to give us time to get the new baby settled.  We still haven’t picked a name, mostly because we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  I have another ultrasound this Thursday so hopefully baby will cooperate. 

It has been an uneventful weekend, meaning *I* haven’t done much.  As usual the husband has been busy – seriously if he stays still for a whole day it makes him crazy.  His latest project is painting the exterior of our house, now that there is nothing left to paint inside.  He finished building a forge the other day for blacksmithing so I’m sure he will be making some things with metal for our new home.  We are going to buy the metal for him to make a couple wrought iron bed type thingies (wow for a Speech Pathologist I’m awfully crappy at descriptions, but then again its almost 4 am.)

We were going to go to a Pow Wow this weekend but between my slovenliness, a visit from my niece and my daughter feeling craptacular that just didn’t happen.  Do not feel sad for me tho, I plan to get my Indian Taco and new earring fix THIS weekend at my Pow Wow in beautiful Thunderchild, Saskatchewan.  Please consider this your personal invitation!  Welcome singers, dancers, visitors and snaggers!!