Greetings and Salutations

I laugh when people think of my title as an intellectual or fancy way of saying hello. I got that line from Charlotte’s Web (still love that book.)  What was your favourite book as a child? Mine was Morris the Moose Goes to School.  Clearly I have always been a bit of a bookworm, and it is something that I am trying to encourage in my children.

Thankfully it is working, they love to be read to and to be read to.  I admit my little speechie heart beats a little faster when my Cielo asks if we can “practice my sounds.”  She just loves the Jolly Phonics program she is learning in Kindergarten.

Yesterday I had a great day, actually I had so much good fortune I probably should have bought a lottery ticket.  I started off my day with a meeting with my Education Director at work.  That went well and I was off to print copies of all the assessments I have done so far this year for filing in central office.  I stopped at the IT department to inquire if I could have my (crappy old) laptop connected to the wireless printer.  He tried but apparently my computer had no CD rom drive and other assorted “ailments.” This came as no surprise to me as often it takes multiple attempts to even turn on; sometimes I even get a “NO OPERATING SYSTEM DETECTED” error message (that can’t be good.)  My Ed Dir came to give me a copy of the agenda for Friday…they started talking about my laptop and I ended up leaving the room with a brand new work laptop.  It is not mine to keep, but as a contracted employee I do not usually get employee perks so I was tickled. (Lucky thing #1)

Then I went for lunch with a group of area SLPs.  None of us have many colleagues so we have taken it upon ourselves to network independently.  It was great fun and I enjoyed telling them about twitter.  They thought I knew a lot of people online, and I guess I do. (Good thing #2)

I finished up at work and then grabbed myself a Tim Horton’s.  Last stop of the day was for gas at a First Nations gas station (tax free fuel.) When I arrived home my husband had a delicious mexican meal all ready for us. (Lucky thing #3)

Later on in the evening I got the news that we may be getting a Christmas Bonus from the rez this year. (Fortunate thing #4)  Later on my dad arrived with some early Christmas gifts. (Sweet thing #5)

Much later I got a phone call from the gas station.  I won their nightly Christmas draw and won a $100 gift certificate for their store! Hello? Free gas? Holla!! (awesome thing #6)

TOTALLY PUMPED FOR TODAY! Bring it universe!

Validation That I Am Indeed in the Right Profession (and/or I am a Geek)

The following is an excerpt from an email I just sent to SASLPA (Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists):

“…The other thing I wanted to ask you about was SASLPA’s social networking.  We need to start!! CASLPA is actually already quite involved online; with active profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There is even an online SLP group via twitter called the SLPeeps.  This is exciting because it is an opportunity for support, a sounding board and just plain social interaction with like-minded professionals.  Here is a link to CASLPA’s description of the Resource Share (on google docs) that has begun.

CASLPA also has a Powerpoint presentation describing the need/appeal of PROFESSIONAL social networking.  To learn more about CASLPA’s stand on their web presence and social media here is a link.

I think what I enjoy the most about tweeting/talking with CASLPA is that it humanized the organization for me, making it feel more like a true relationship.  Now I consider CASLPA my friend, with whom I get excited to share information with and enjoy a dialogue with as well! I even once got a tweet (personal message) from the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of CASLPA.  (Seriously I was so excited that I clapped my hands when I read it.)

I think I am much more aware of what CASLPA does for me as a professional because of social networking, and I am now less grumbly about paying my membership fees because I feel I am truly gaining something valuable from this professional organization.  This is what SASLPA needs…a stronger web presence and a deeper social/professional connection with its members.”


CASLPA, it sounds like I really want to make out with you.  My bad…well, I’m off to go doodle CASLPA’s name in my trapper keeper note tote notebook.

So random of an entry i forgot to title it

This post is being written late because I thought it was still Monday. 

I laughed during a pap exam yesterday. 

There are people who now associate me with Ralph G. Macchio, but not with John C, Mayer, he’s a douche. 

The definitive John C. Mayering of Ralph G. Macchio

I’m geekily excited about a google document I’m sharing online with my twitter Speech Pathology friends (SLPeeps.)  It’s a bit embarrassing that I can’t wait to use it for goal writing this year. 

I will be starting a few school visits next month.  I hope Diego will be ok without me for a few hours on those days.  I’m lucky that I don’t have to work full time, but sometimes the travel gets old.    

Learning to bellydance would be sweet although I wish I had less belly to work with. 

Ugh i just ended a sentence with “with” and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.  

This is an exceptionally craptacular entry because I am typing one handed.  Sorry.

Time flies when you’re sleep deprived

Yesterday Diego was a month old.  I toyed with the idea of pulling a Dooce and writing him a monthly letter but the odds are that I won’t keep up with it, plus it hardly seems fair since I didn’t do that for Cielo or Junior.

Behold my precious bundle of joy (at 5 am…the time he was born) as he turned 1 month old.

if only he hadn't moved his arm and covered his smile

I used to think baby smiles were just gas, but now I think he is just happy.  Happy or amused that he can keep his mom up all hours, whenever I’m so exhausted that I think I could just die he will smile or chortle-laugh in his sleep (or let out an adorable fart) and then I want like 10 more babies.  Thank god that feeling goes away or I’d end up with a reality show on TLC.  I’m so thankful Nehemias is an awesome husband and helps me so much…he cooks, does the dishes and forces me to nap with the baby. 

I can’t believe that Diego is already a month old.  It seemed like I would be pregnant forever and now it’s over and I have this wonderful, funny, adorable little person to take care of and treasure.  He has already added so much to our lives I can’t imagine if we hadn’t added on to our family.  I guess I am hard-wired to love big families tho, since I grew up in a house with 5 brothers and 2 sisters.  The noise and chaos feel natural…and as long as I can stay ahead of the mess I’m doing fine.

Obviously I am adjusting to my new schedule because I’ve found myself thinking about work lately, which hasn’t happened since June.  I’m not starting right away, but I think I may call my schools and book my first visits.  I hope that will get them organized so that when I go they are ready for me with signed permission slips and the like.   

Maybe the reason why I am thinking about work is that Wednesday is my first payday of this contract, and that it s for more than I am used to.   I’ve gone from a 80 day contract to a 100 day contract, so I am excited about that.  Sure it is spread amongst 5 schools, but prior to my services these schools were doing well to get one SLP visit a year.

I shall have  come back to this post later…I hear water escaping the tub, I must investigate.

A Bright New Era Has Begun

I am happy to report that I now have internet at home.  Internet that runs at a decent speed.  admittedly this is a small thing that will bring us (me) great pleasure.  I am even happier that I successfully set up my wireless connection and type this from my couch as I watch House.  (I still think that there should be a SLP on House…and she should be named Skye.  I’m the obvious choice.)

Now that I have had time to process it I am calmer about having Cholestasis of Pregnancy.  Naturally I wish that I didn’t have this condition, but I’m happy it is being taken care of and monitored.  *scratches foot* 

Anyway (I stink at transitions) we are all doing great.  The babies love living in our own house and I was pleasantly surprised that they took to sleeping in their own room as if they had been waiting for the chance.  Actually knowing my daughter, she WAS waiting for a bit of privacy.

Mom quit hovering I can go up and down the slide all alone!

Actually Junior tends to have the same attitude

"Give me strength"

 Our house is changing and improving by leaps and bounds.  I will have to make a before, during and after post later although I have to show you the stairs gate Nehemias made.

Thank goodness I married a blacksmith

I love it here, I’m so happy we are settled in our own home.  Now I’m getting pumped up for Christmas, the first Christmas in our own home with 3 babies. 

On a completely unrelated note I really got to psych myself up to use my MAC Marine Life.  I guess I’m just afraid of messing it up because it’s so pretty.  The gold seahorse is just overspray so after 1-2 uses it would all be gone.

Mac Porn

Mmmmm. Gorgeous.  I better never add up the actual retail value of my makeup, I’d probably throw up.

OMG this itching is making me nuts.  My feet are all scabby and scratched…and my hands are dry and scaly.  The plus is the scabs on my wrists healed…and that is without using the scabies medicine I was prescribed. (I’m still stunned about that)  Baby is moving more and more, its pretty fun watching my belly twitch and move, its my fav part of the day.