A Bright New Era Has Begun

I am happy to report that I now have internet at home.  Internet that runs at a decent speed.  admittedly this is a small thing that will bring us (me) great pleasure.  I am even happier that I successfully set up my wireless connection and type this from my couch as I watch House.  (I still think that there should be a SLP on House…and she should be named Skye.  I’m the obvious choice.)

Now that I have had time to process it I am calmer about having Cholestasis of Pregnancy.  Naturally I wish that I didn’t have this condition, but I’m happy it is being taken care of and monitored.  *scratches foot* 

Anyway (I stink at transitions) we are all doing great.  The babies love living in our own house and I was pleasantly surprised that they took to sleeping in their own room as if they had been waiting for the chance.  Actually knowing my daughter, she WAS waiting for a bit of privacy.

Mom quit hovering I can go up and down the slide all alone!

Actually Junior tends to have the same attitude

"Give me strength"

 Our house is changing and improving by leaps and bounds.  I will have to make a before, during and after post later although I have to show you the stairs gate Nehemias made.

Thank goodness I married a blacksmith

I love it here, I’m so happy we are settled in our own home.  Now I’m getting pumped up for Christmas, the first Christmas in our own home with 3 babies. 

On a completely unrelated note I really got to psych myself up to use my MAC Marine Life.  I guess I’m just afraid of messing it up because it’s so pretty.  The gold seahorse is just overspray so after 1-2 uses it would all be gone.

Mac Porn

Mmmmm. Gorgeous.  I better never add up the actual retail value of my makeup, I’d probably throw up.

OMG this itching is making me nuts.  My feet are all scabby and scratched…and my hands are dry and scaly.  The plus is the scabs on my wrists healed…and that is without using the scabies medicine I was prescribed. (I’m still stunned about that)  Baby is moving more and more, its pretty fun watching my belly twitch and move, its my fav part of the day.