I Thought it Would be Cute to Do a 12 Days of Christmas Post but I Missed the Boat on That One

I would like to wish all of my beloved tweeps (twitter peeps) particularly my SLPeeps a wonderful holiday filled with everything that makes them happy.  To aid them in their joy I thought I would give them all a small virtual gift.


@przybyla8 I give continued #1 status and all the big jugs she can handle (wow that came out kinda dirty, ah well, Merry Christmas) 

@speechbob  (who coined the #slpeep term) I give extra time to play WoW and a book deal for his NaNoWriMo

@SLPTanya I give a soddie and a shank (to protect herself)

@albrechtjn I give a Queen’s Ransom (of bacon)

@namastebyday I give a humongous jar of CALORIE FREE AND FAT BURNING Nutella

@creehawk I give everything on her etsy wishlist

@sweetsistermary I give Vin Diesel and Angelina Jolie…this could get interesting (don’t lick ALL their tattoos off)

@mtmaryslp I give a blog of her own (ok that one is a little for me too) Maybe she would like to be besties with yet another famous SLP

@StutteringMe I give a new pimp cup

@speechreka I give snow…in Barbados

@CASLPA I give a doubled budget (hey we can all dream right?)

@padaysia I give the downpayment for her alpaca farm

@zealousidler I give honorary Canadian citizenship

@adirondackmetal I give tons of metal orders on her etsy site and a huge pile of bacon

@adaoust13 I give will share Georges St Pierre

@courtneystrain I give a perfect GRE score


I have too many tweeps…I need a break.

So random of an entry i forgot to title it

This post is being written late because I thought it was still Monday. 

I laughed during a pap exam yesterday. 

There are people who now associate me with Ralph G. Macchio, but not with John C, Mayer, he’s a douche. 

The definitive John C. Mayering of Ralph G. Macchio

I’m geekily excited about a google document I’m sharing online with my twitter Speech Pathology friends (SLPeeps.)  It’s a bit embarrassing that I can’t wait to use it for goal writing this year. 

I will be starting a few school visits next month.  I hope Diego will be ok without me for a few hours on those days.  I’m lucky that I don’t have to work full time, but sometimes the travel gets old.    

Learning to bellydance would be sweet although I wish I had less belly to work with. 

Ugh i just ended a sentence with “with” and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.  

This is an exceptionally craptacular entry because I am typing one handed.  Sorry.

Random Tuesday Thoughts Part Deux

(like what I did there? with the french? tres sexy non?)

This is me participating in The Un-Mom’s loverly meme…brace yourself to be covered in the awesome.  Seriously, you should maybe put on an old shirt so you don’t get anything on yourself.

Ew. I kinda just grossed myself out.

Yesterday my blackberry was blowing up with messages from incredulous people.  Why you may ask…because my husband thought it would be hilarious to post my Facebook status as, “I think I’m pregnant again.”  I can’t decide if I’m more amused or horrified.  The amusement and horrification is two-fold; 1) he actually hacked my status and 2) people actually believed him.  (Did I mention that our son Diego is only 5 weeks old?)  Any suggestions as to what I should change his status to…since I know all his passwords. *insert evil plan laugh*

I bought some ground sausage and I plan to make this later.  Hope it turns out ok. 

there are no words

 Have you seen the trailer for that movie The Town? (I think Ben Affleck is in it.)  Those rubber nun masks those dudes are wearing creep me out every time I see it.  

Seriously it makes me want to bust out my rosary.


Random Tuesday Thoughts

I like Moms (even before I was one), I like Zombies…so I thought I’d try “Random Tuesday Thoughts” by The Un Mom

I’ve had “Ebony & Ivory” stuck in my head all day.  (I typed “Ebony and IRONY” not once but twice.  True story.)

How sad that I over-enjoyed doing my laundry today…I actually caught myself smelling the fresh clothes.  I totally looked over my shoulder to make sure nobody saw me.

My newborn is already 26 days old.  I have had approx 26 minutes of sleep since then.  (I’m exaggerating a bit.)  I’m a mother of 3 kids under 4 years old now (Every time I say that it simultaneously makes me happy and freaks me out a little.)

I wish I had a slushie from 7-11 right meow.

This is my first shared meme on this blog.  I feel all warm and fuzzy right now.

My husband gets sexier when he gets up with one of the kids.  Just now my 2 year old woke up crying and he went to check on him.  Muy caliente!  (Oh yeah, my husband Nehemias is Mexican.)

I cannot fall asleep without cracking my toes.  I really hope I don’t end up with toe arthritis.

GOLDEN GIRLS IS STILL ONE OF MY FAV SHOWS EVER!  I think someone needs to be keeping an eye on Betty White, and by keeping an eye I mean KEEP HER ALIVE.  I cannot lose my last Girl.

In closing, here is a picture of Diego and I after we had the kids portrait photos taken.

Diego is in the mossbag my mom swaddled me in 33 *koffkoff* years ago