I wish I had an SLPeep Batsignal…Or a Million Dollars

Yesterday was iPad 2 day in the States and I found myself enjoying the vicarious excitement as my friends got in line to purchase their new toys.  Perhaps I should rephrase that as all the friends I speak of are planning to use their iPad 2 for work.  Specifically they plan to use them as a reinforcing, exciting new way to conduct speech and language therapy.  I’m totally jealous because I have been wanting one since the original came out…and now this one has a camera.  I covet it. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

Then I remember that I will probably need a new laptop before long, and that I need for work also (to write reports, progress notes, twitter, etc.)  What to do, what a conundrum.  My husband has been encouraging  me to get one for myself and reminds me that if I gain familiarity with one I will better be able to endorse it to the tribal councils I contract with to purchase them for the schools I serve.  (Plus they are so pretty and shiny.)  I am super tempted, especially since Nehemias is totally on Team  iPad 2.

Opinions welcome:

I also am totally in love with my Blackberry Torch, to the point that using non-touchscreens is painful.  Is the next step iPad 2? Damn you Bless you Steve Jobs!

Oh my god you guys

Things are going quite well, Diego will be three months on Friday and Junior will be 3 on Wednesday. THREE. Wow, I can’t believe how quickly time flies when you are sleep deprived.  Diego is sleeping a lot better and work is going well.  My back up plan of becoming an heiress still has not come to fruition.

OH!! I got a Blackberry Torch…it is SO SEXY y’all. *chickychickybowwow*

Back to my little (big) man

I was going to use the other picture when he was baring his teeth

That picture reminds me of Halloween.  We were so excited because it was our first Halloween in our own house.  We got over 150 kids, the lady who lived there before us said she never got more than 10.  I’m so glad we were prepared for lots of kids (I figured if I didn’t get many it could all go in Junior’s pinatas.)  Nehemias followed a custom that he says is common in Mexico—he cooked for the parents. OMG HIS TAMALES ARE AMAZING! If we weren’t already married we would def be now.  We live in a small town 10 minutes from my rez so people didn’t think it was strange…although they were surprised.  The next day I lost count of the people that came up to me to rave about his cooking while I was running errands.

Anyway, back to Halloween. It ruled.

She couldn't decide on a costume

She kept changing her mind...

Until she went back to her first choice

My lil' punkin

Luckily there was a back up costume due to an unfortunate diaper explosion

Today was First Nation Remembrance Day here in Canada.  This is a link to my late Mosom’s story from 1999, he has passed on now but I think it deserves a click.