So random of an entry i forgot to title it

This post is being written late because I thought it was still Monday. 

I laughed during a pap exam yesterday. 

There are people who now associate me with Ralph G. Macchio, but not with John C, Mayer, he’s a douche. 

The definitive John C. Mayering of Ralph G. Macchio

I’m geekily excited about a google document I’m sharing online with my twitter Speech Pathology friends (SLPeeps.)  It’s a bit embarrassing that I can’t wait to use it for goal writing this year. 

I will be starting a few school visits next month.  I hope Diego will be ok without me for a few hours on those days.  I’m lucky that I don’t have to work full time, but sometimes the travel gets old.    

Learning to bellydance would be sweet although I wish I had less belly to work with. 

Ugh i just ended a sentence with “with” and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.  

This is an exceptionally craptacular entry because I am typing one handed.  Sorry.

#1….clearly Ralph G. Macchio and I are destined to be BFF’s. Take that John C. Mayer

I'm on top of Ralph G. Macchio.


It would appear that I have successfully John C. Mayer’d Ralph G. Macchio.  I kind of hope Ralph G. Macchio googles himself.  Ralph G. Macchio if you are reading this we need to plan your comeback.

My First Ever Blog Award

I have had a livejournal for years, and I’ve been sporadically writing in this blog since March but I have never received a blog award.  Until now.  It is even more exciting because I received the award from my friend Gina, a fellow SLP and August mommy.

I'd like to thank all the little people...and Ralph G. Macchio

Now I am supposed to list 7 things about myself before I pass the award on to others.  Here goes:

1. I love cats, but there is a cat in heat in my neighborhood and it seems to think that hanging from and scratching my window screens is a good idea.  I hate this cat and I wish Ralph G. Macchio was here to deal with him.

2. If you google Ralph G. Macchio you see that I successfully John C. Mayer’d him.  I am perhaps a bit too proud of this but I was (and still remain) a proud Ralph G. Macchio fan.

3. While googling Ralph G. Macchio I decided to google myself. (Haha that sounds naughty.)  I had forgotten that I had given a professor permission to use a piece of my writing from her class in her book.  The title of my work was, “Confessions of a Blog Addict,” which seems appropriate.  I doubt you want to order it but here it is, and you can see my name to show I’m not only versatile but truthful.  (Much like Ralph G.Macchio.)

4. I bought a new truck yesterday.  I’m very excited and I love it but big purchases always make me nervous.

5. I can’t stop myself from sucking my bottom lip as I fall asleep…apparently I have an oral fixation.  As a child my mom tried to break me of the habit but she was not successful as I suck my lip to this day.

6. I’m glad wordpress keeps blog stats of visits because if I only looked at my comments I would think nobody was reading this, except maybe Gina and my husband.  I *puffy heart* love comments so please feel free to leave me one, or two or as many as you feel like writing.

7.  My husband and I plan to be snowbirds and escape for at least part of the cold Saskatchewan winters for sunny Mexico when we retire.  My husband is Mexican and we are fortunate that we already have a home in Acapulco.  Mmm Mexico, I wish I was retired already.


Now to share the award love…may I have the envelope please.

A fellow livejournal survivor aperfectpisces

The beautiful, talented and tech savvy creehawk

crazy brunette chick who drops an f bomb like no other

To my Aunt Becky, visionary who inspired me to John C. Mayer Ralph G. Macchio

To fellow SLPeeps (Bob who coined the term and Kristin)

I’m going to stop at 5 because I’m not good with rules.  Enjoy your awards *throws confetti* Well, I just lost my blogger award virginity. Yay.  I hope you all respect me in the morning.

Ralph G. Macchio…You’ve Been John C. Mayer’d. You’re welcome.

Do you read Aunt Becky’s Blog?  You should if for no other reason than to order one of her “shut your whore mouth” t-shirts.   I’ve been an avid reader of hers for quite some time but recently there has been quite the development in Beckylandia.  She made John C. Mayer quit the internet.  She made him quit twitter.  Basically she singlehandedly claimed the body of the interwebs back as her wonderland.  For a better explanation of the prank read this.  Naturally Skye wants to play along so I had to decide on a target.  This blog post is me “Pulling a John C. Mayer” (Pulling a John C. Mayer = Tricking Google’s SEO algorithm so you show up on page 1.).

Since I’m a totally mature (prankstering) adult I decided the appropriate organized thing to do was formulate a list to decide who I would John C. Mayer.  (Btw, “John C. Mayering” is now a verb, much like googling.)

1. George Lopez – full of the awesome but I couldn’t figure out if his middle initial was E or C

2. Dwayne The Rock Johnson – just too burly and hot to be used in the same blog post as John C. Mayer

3. Georges St. Pierre – my favorite UFC fighter who I decided not to prank because I have hopes to become his bff on twitter.  Shut up.  It could happen.

4. Betty White – LOVE HER, and according to the ads for that movie I forget the title of, she  “has the twitter.”

5. Ralph G. Macchio – **cue chorus of angels, led naturally by John C. Mayer** Perfect.

The Karate Kid y’all! Ralph G. Macchio is obviously STILL made of the awesome as evidenced by his ability to continually convert O2 to CO2!!!  I absorb all the pearls of wisdom that drip from Ralph G. Macchio’s signature headband as I constantly refresh his twitter feed.  Ok, I am kidding.  I do not obsessively check Ralph G Macchio’s twitter page but Ralph G. Macchio is one of my tweeps (Ralph G. Macchio and I are totally tight!) so I know what is what.

Ralph G. Macchio is deep. Also, Ralph G. Macchio does not hang out with John C. Mayer (I hope)

Check him out on the twitter.  Or on wikipedia.  Or here

Have you ever wondered why Ralph. G. Macchio does not have a hit TV show? Or another movie followed by sequels?  I call shenanigans on that…I’m Totally TEAM RALPH G. MACCHIO.  I would much rather watch his sweetly awkward cute self go COBRA KAI on some werewolves or vampires.  I would have enjoyed watching Twilight way more if the Karate Kid was in it.  Actually more things would be made awesomer if their Ralph G. Macchio quotient was increased.  The world is suffering from Ralph G. Macchio withdrawl…and by the world I mean me.  By me I mean ladies in their 30’s with disposable income who would totally shell out bucks to see the Karate Kid, AKA Ralph G. Macchio kick some major ass.  Tom Cruise? Hell no.  Ralph G. Macchio? Now that is serious cinema.  OMG YOU GUYS now I wish there was a sequel to The Outsiders except with no Ponyboy and MUCH MUCH more Ralph G.Macchio.  Exponentially more Ralph G. Macchio.  It would be nice to have more Patrick Swayze too, but without a time machine that isn’t happening so let’s concentrate on the Ralph G. Macchio-ness of the future.

The 80’s are back you why can’t Ralph G. Macchio catch a break?

Wax on Eff off Ralph G. Macchio.  I still love you.  If I had a locker you would totally be in it, but don’t tell my husband. 

 I was about to sign off but I realized something…am I obsessed with the name George?  George Lopez.  Georges St. Pierre.  RALPH GEORGE MACCHIO.  Ralph. G. Macchio FTW!


Help a lady out my friends…please leave a Ralph G. Macchio worthy comment.  Feel free to use Ralph G. Macchio’s name as much as possible.  Love, peace and a huge bottle of whatever Ralph G. Macchio uses to stop aging…


Ralph G. Macchio is way too cool, handsome and awesome to be offended by this poorly written blog post.


EDIT 2 - In the name of all that is good
and Ralph G. Macchio...

The definitive John C. Mayering of Ralph G. Macchio