I Thought it Would be Cute to Do a 12 Days of Christmas Post but I Missed the Boat on That One

I would like to wish all of my beloved tweeps (twitter peeps) particularly my SLPeeps a wonderful holiday filled with everything that makes them happy.  To aid them in their joy I thought I would give them all a small virtual gift.


@przybyla8 I give continued #1 status and all the big jugs she can handle (wow that came out kinda dirty, ah well, Merry Christmas) 

@speechbob  (who coined the #slpeep term) I give extra time to play WoW and a book deal for his NaNoWriMo

@SLPTanya I give a soddie and a shank (to protect herself)

@albrechtjn I give a Queen’s Ransom (of bacon)

@namastebyday I give a humongous jar of CALORIE FREE AND FAT BURNING Nutella

@creehawk I give everything on her etsy wishlist

@sweetsistermary I give Vin Diesel and Angelina Jolie…this could get interesting (don’t lick ALL their tattoos off)

@mtmaryslp I give a blog of her own (ok that one is a little for me too) Maybe she would like to be besties with yet another famous SLP

@StutteringMe I give a new pimp cup

@speechreka I give snow…in Barbados

@CASLPA I give a doubled budget (hey we can all dream right?)

@padaysia I give the downpayment for her alpaca farm

@zealousidler I give honorary Canadian citizenship

@adirondackmetal I give tons of metal orders on her etsy site and a huge pile of bacon

@adaoust13 I give will share Georges St Pierre

@courtneystrain I give a perfect GRE score


I have too many tweeps…I need a break.

#1….clearly Ralph G. Macchio and I are destined to be BFF’s. Take that John C. Mayer

I'm on top of Ralph G. Macchio.


It would appear that I have successfully John C. Mayer’d Ralph G. Macchio.  I kind of hope Ralph G. Macchio googles himself.  Ralph G. Macchio if you are reading this we need to plan your comeback.

My First Ever Blog Award

I have had a livejournal for years, and I’ve been sporadically writing in this blog since March but I have never received a blog award.  Until now.  It is even more exciting because I received the award from my friend Gina, a fellow SLP and August mommy.

I'd like to thank all the little people...and Ralph G. Macchio

Now I am supposed to list 7 things about myself before I pass the award on to others.  Here goes:

1. I love cats, but there is a cat in heat in my neighborhood and it seems to think that hanging from and scratching my window screens is a good idea.  I hate this cat and I wish Ralph G. Macchio was here to deal with him.

2. If you google Ralph G. Macchio you see that I successfully John C. Mayer’d him.  I am perhaps a bit too proud of this but I was (and still remain) a proud Ralph G. Macchio fan.

3. While googling Ralph G. Macchio I decided to google myself. (Haha that sounds naughty.)  I had forgotten that I had given a professor permission to use a piece of my writing from her class in her book.  The title of my work was, “Confessions of a Blog Addict,” which seems appropriate.  I doubt you want to order it but here it is, and you can see my name to show I’m not only versatile but truthful.  (Much like Ralph G.Macchio.)

4. I bought a new truck yesterday.  I’m very excited and I love it but big purchases always make me nervous.

5. I can’t stop myself from sucking my bottom lip as I fall asleep…apparently I have an oral fixation.  As a child my mom tried to break me of the habit but she was not successful as I suck my lip to this day.

6. I’m glad wordpress keeps blog stats of visits because if I only looked at my comments I would think nobody was reading this, except maybe Gina and my husband.  I *puffy heart* love comments so please feel free to leave me one, or two or as many as you feel like writing.

7.  My husband and I plan to be snowbirds and escape for at least part of the cold Saskatchewan winters for sunny Mexico when we retire.  My husband is Mexican and we are fortunate that we already have a home in Acapulco.  Mmm Mexico, I wish I was retired already.


Now to share the award love…may I have the envelope please.

A fellow livejournal survivor aperfectpisces

The beautiful, talented and tech savvy creehawk

crazy brunette chick who drops an f bomb like no other

To my Aunt Becky, visionary who inspired me to John C. Mayer Ralph G. Macchio

To fellow SLPeeps (Bob who coined the term and Kristin)

I’m going to stop at 5 because I’m not good with rules.  Enjoy your awards *throws confetti* Well, I just lost my blogger award virginity. Yay.  I hope you all respect me in the morning.

Ok, so I am continually late to the party…

There’s no partylike a FORMSPRING PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!  **busts out the old school Kid n Play dance moves**

I made an account and am now trying to post the widget.

EDIT: I was trying to post the widget but I have since given up and just left the link in the sidebar.  I am hoping my beautiful cousin Creehawk, seriously that is her name  ^_^ will let me know what I’ve obviously done wrong.

Not a lot is happening today, other than that the little ones have cabin fever.  It is so wet outside that they haven’t gone outside to play, and are instead destroying my bedroom.  I will tidy it back up later when Diego sleeps (y’know, when I should be napping.)  Supper is almost ready and Nehemias should be back soon.  He headed to the rez to fire up his forge and do some metalwork.  (I am married to a blacksmith, and no he isn’t 60.)  Yesterday he got a call from someone who wants him to make a custom staircase for their new home.  We are both excited about this, as they seem to be (judging by the email she sent late last night.)  He went to meet with the people at their home (they are building a new home about 40 minutes away) and sfter he finished the meeting he continued on to the closest Wal-Mart to get more diapers and baby wipes.  As a joke I added nail polish to the list, and to my surprise he chose a colour for me.  I am excited to give myself a pedicure.

Cielo and Junior have adjusted very well to Diego.  I was worried they may be jealous or standoffish but they have surpassed my highest hopes.  They are nuts about Diego, and love to “help” and do things for him.  They are always fetching diapers/wipes, or throwing away “care packages (care packages is a cuter way to say soiled diapers.)

I tend to write rambly, verbose, stream-of-consciousness type posts.  I imagine they are hard to read, and possibly not that interesting.  Is it better to have every entry about a specific topic? (Duh, probably.)



Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have an OB appointment tomorrow and I can’t figure out what to wear.  I don’t know why I’m so concerned considering I’m sure my doctor doesn’t care and can’t remember what I’ve worn.

My OB is always encouraging me to go to medical school.

I wish there was a Taco Bell in Saskatchewan.  OOH and a Krispy Kreme.

Lately I have been watching WAY too much Food Network and HGTV. (Oh yes, and we finally got our satellite set up)

I am still planning on making a Pow Wow post (a week late) and still have to announce the sex of the baby. YES!  We found out whether we are on Team Pink or Team Blue.

Why do I look slimmer when I’m pregnant? (Well, except for the belleh)