Bloggess Book Club News

This book club is making me feel like Oprah. Except not rich…or famous. Hmm.

This book club is gonna be awesome! The Bloggess herself is even excited.  “Next Tuesday we’re going to start to discuss the first few chapters of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in a live book club where you can be drunk, home and in your pajamas.  It will be awesome. ” (excerpt taken from her blog)

The really exciting part is, “Then ever day that week from 7-8pm central we’ll talk about the chapters until we devolve into absurdity.  To get things started for those of you who haven’t bought, borrowed or stolen the book yet I did a quick reading last night of the Introduction and chapter 1.  It’s a titch cursey so you’ve been warned.” (SQUEE)

She also provided the pictures (and more) from the book for those with the audio version

I am so excited for tomorrow. I would like to delude myself into thinking this stemmed from our group but I’m sure there were many, many other twitter book clubs.  Or maybe it was us….GO SPEECH JUSTICE LEAGUE!

Better Late Than Never #MMPOTD Winners

May has come and gone which means that May Month ~ Better Speech and Hearing Month has passed.  As you (hopefully) remember I was running a #MMpotd challenge to celebrate Speech and Hearing Awareness month…and I was very happy with the results.  More than 260 #mmpotd pictures were posted on twitter and instagram and now I am excited to announce the winners!! (YES PLURAL! WINNERS!!)

The official winner is my official honorary Miss Suzie MMPOTD….. @alour!  She posted an impressive 30 pictures!!  She wins a year subscription to Lesson Pix and a CASLPA prize pack!

The first random winner (That I decided to name Miss Congeniality even before I knew who it was) is  @namastebyday! She wins a CASLPA prize pack and a Super Duper bag!

The second lucky random winner is @abrc_SLP! She wins an app from Super Duper!!

The third lucky winner is @atklingensmith! She also wins an app from Super Duper!!

Thank you to everyone who participated but can I give a shout out and major snaps to my prize sponsors>>> CASLPA, LessonPix & SuperDuper!! It was so sweet and generous of them to support my giveaway/contest…and Ashley from SuperDuper and Lesson Pix both played and posted pics but did not want to be in the prize drawing.  I highly recommend their products, but even better I recommend them as twitter/social media personalities.  I love businesses that stay connected to their customers and I love the interactions and relationships that can be developed online.

So great job everyone…I loved seeing all the pictures and getting to know you all a little better!

Winners please email me your snail mail addy for your prize>> ndnspeechmom@gmail.c0m

Random winners were selected using

May Month POTD Challenge – The Deets

I think it would be helpful if I posted some details for this challenge.  As previously posted, May is Speech and Hearing Month.  Since I am a Speech Pathologist this is a month that is near and dear to my heart.  Being an avid instagram & twitter user I thought it would be fun to do a Speech and Hearing May Month photo of the day…and so I created THIS

Participate as much as you like…if you miss any days feel free to “catch up” with us and post pics from earlier in the month.

As usual I want to have prizes and I want everyone to have fun.  Please mark all entries with the #MMpotd hashtag or @ndnspeechmom so I will know you are participating and can give you credit for that entry.

So far my ideas for winners are

  • Most entries (if multiple people post 31 pics I will choose one of them randomly)
  • Random Lucky Winners – every pic posted is 1 chance to win, the more pics you post the most chances you have.  There will be several *random* winners as all the prizes haven’t been determined yet.

So far for prizes I have CASLPA SWAG (leather portfolios, notebooks & other assorted office gear), an APP FROM SUPER DUPER called Understanding Inferences and the world famous SUPER DUPER BAG (donated thanks to the lovely @AshleyLesleySD ), a year subscription to LESSON PIX donated by @LessonPix and then some other awesome and amazing prizes that I haven’t decided on yet.  I am so thankful for these wonderful and generous people for donating prizes for the challenge.  I vouch for them as both brilliant and potential twitter BFFs.

In order to make sure you get your pictures entered please remember to either @ reply me (@ndnspeechmom) or to use the #MMpotd on your post.  Pictures can be entered either on twitter or instagram.  Please have fun with this and post away!!

If you decide not to post please follow the #MMpotd hashtag, I’m already getting a lot of ideas and I’m really enjoying all the pictures.  Be creative, interpret the topics in your own way.

So about this game

I feel a little bad for any non SLP readers (do I have nonSLP readers?) for all the SLPeepGame posts on twitter. Also, I didn’t realize until the game was complete exactly how hard the game was…….so in the interest of “upping the ante” I have sweetened the pot.  The lucky winner will receive 1) a year’s subscription to Lesson Pix 2) an app from Verbally App and 3) these ndnspeechmom approved earlobe decorations!

Please note: these are indeed sweet but I have no idea how they taste

I know right? Awesome. Please feel free to PLAY THE GAME and don’t worry, comments are screened so nobody can see your answers. And to anyone who does not like/wear earrings…I’m fairly sure you could find these a home.

Note: the techie prizes were both donated independently, and although I have not tried either product I am sure they  are amazing. Questions about the app and the subscription are best asked of the very generous, extremely attractive and utterly brilliant @VerballyApp and @LessonPix.  I’m so pleased that they not only donated prizes to the game but submitted pictures for it as well.

Speech Justice League

You dear reader are invited to become part of an elite organization of communication specialists.  The Speech Justice League is an international group of SLPs fighting against evil and all things leading to poor communication.

We also enjoy pie and long walks on the beach.

This marks the beginning of a new day in this organization…the coveted SJL Blog Award!

The first recipients of this coveted award are:






I invite them to post the above badge on the sidebar of their blog and grant them the power to bestow a SJL blog award to a fellow deserving SLP blogger.  In addition, I ask that the recipients post their SLP superstrengths. This blog award is done in fun.  The “official” SJL website is housed on the Home Speech Home website.