Work Moments

After finishing the language portion of an assessment and halfway through the phonological awareness testing a boy smiled slightly at me and said, “Know what I’m good at? Math.”

I made him smile wider when I told him that math had always been hard for me.

Today was an assessment day so we did not get to have one of those A-ha moments that come during therapy.  I’m really not sure how I felt when he shared this tidbit with me, but I do know that he was proud when he did better than me on the math game on the iPad we played at the end.

**edited to add** as soon as I hit publish I managed to inhale/choke on my coffee.  I am in a borrowed office so I didn’t want to spit everywhere.  I have to drive home and this is a nice blouse (yes I said blouse) so I definitely didn’t want to spit on myself. What did I do you ask? I spit it all back in my cup (because I’m classy like that.)

The coffee was delicious. Almost tempted to still drink it.

I’m kidding.

Speechie Moments

Once I was working with a little boy and had the most hilarious exchange. I jotted down everything he said after, and I just found this and thought I’d share.
“You know, you should do something about your arms.”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re pretty and nice but your arms…are so hairy.”
(I couldn’t say anything because I was cracking up)
“If you leave them like that…nobody will want…to catch you…like to get married.”
“I am married.”
“You are????”