FINALLY a hot day in Saskatchewan

Today it is 28 C…and i mean POSITIVE 28!! I am beyond excited and happy.  To mark the occassion I decided to wear a skirt and top combo that makes me feel both cute and extremely pregnant.  I even have cute toes since I got a pedicure last Monday…oh how delicate and feminine I appear today. *snort*

I havent been blogging much lately although i did participate in #BloggersWithoutMakeup via twitter.

SO glam I want to do myself

So in a way I “sort of” made a small post.  Looking at that pic kind of makes me want to put more lipstick on…

As per usual I have been on Twitter a lot lately, if you are not following me you should be een though I never wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.  I hate that song although the line makes me laugh.

This morning I got a bbm message (blackberry messenger for anyone not on TeamBlackberry) from my brother.  He had a meeting this morning with Husky Oil in Lloydminster (my brother is a band councillor).  Anyway the meeting ended up being in Calgary with the President of Husky Oil…very cool, especially since he was gifted with a Pendleton Blanket.  (I may try convince him that it would make an excellent housewarming present for me.)

Speaking of housewarming we have been busy with our new little home.  I LOVE IT!! We have a double lot and lots of gorgeous mature trees and even a little bridge! Anyway, it will be amazing, pictures to follow so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “FINALLY a hot day in Saskatchewan

  1. Wait, I mean your yard. Actually, your yard looks WAY better than our yard. And this is before you started working on it. Now I feel bad. 😛

I see you speak the language of awesome. Awesome.

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