I wish I had an SLPeep Batsignal…Or a Million Dollars

Yesterday was iPad 2 day in the States and I found myself enjoying the vicarious excitement as my friends got in line to purchase their new toys.  Perhaps I should rephrase that as all the friends I speak of are planning to use their iPad 2 for work.  Specifically they plan to use them as a reinforcing, exciting new way to conduct speech and language therapy.  I’m totally jealous because I have been wanting one since the original came out…and now this one has a camera.  I covet it. It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.

Then I remember that I will probably need a new laptop before long, and that I need for work also (to write reports, progress notes, twitter, etc.)  What to do, what a conundrum.  My husband has been encouraging  me to get one for myself and reminds me that if I gain familiarity with one I will better be able to endorse it to the tribal councils I contract with to purchase them for the schools I serve.  (Plus they are so pretty and shiny.)  I am super tempted, especially since Nehemias is totally on Team  iPad 2.

Opinions welcome:

I also am totally in love with my Blackberry Torch, to the point that using non-touchscreens is painful.  Is the next step iPad 2? Damn you Bless you Steve Jobs!

2 thoughts on “I wish I had an SLPeep Batsignal…Or a Million Dollars

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