Meet the SLPeeps!

As I hope most of you know, I am a Speech Pathologist and an avid twitter user.  On twitter there is an active group called the SLPeeps. There is also another group calledthe  SLPs2B. (I hope I got the acronym correct.)  Not so long ago when there were not many of us on “the twittah” it was easier to keep track of everyone; from where they were located, to personal interests, areas of professional expertise, etc. etc.  Now that we have had a recent influx of SLPeeps I find myself losing track of everyone.

Previously we played a SLPgame where we guessed each others accents while reading the rainbow passage.  It was fun (well I thought it was fun) and several participated.  I have an idea for a new game which will allow us to learn more about each other, both the original and the new members.

If all interested SLPeeps (and SLP2B) would please email a childhood (baby through high school) picture of themselves along with 5 fun facts to they can be part of the game.  The facts can be anything from fav food, origin, area of professional interest, professional accomplishments, and fun random personal factoids.

The idea of the game is to guess which twitter handle goes with which pic/fun facts.

I will be posting the game on friday for guesses and I will try think of a prize.  Please play!! You have until friday morning to email me your entry, and those entered can still guess.


1)raised on a reservation in Canada 2) fav show is Criminal Minds 3) works with First Nation children 4) livetweeted through her last labour and delivery 5) loves bacon

4 thoughts on “Meet the SLPeeps!

  1. Love this game! Will have to dig up a picture! Also love your rainbow passage game…only SLPs would think that is funny (you get me!!!). In grad school we used to crack each other up when we would go to the vending machine to buy a “diet cochlea”!

  2. ndnspeechmom…,all buttoned up, with requisite Indian eys, braids, colors, and a ‘diamond’ ring. Trustful eyes. Do you remember who your eyes were smiling at? So interesting…I have an enlarged pic of my grt-granddaughter, same pose with arm and hand on the back of a chair, same trusting eyes…and a ‘diamond’ ring. Her mother had to make her take off the bling earrings. Hope you don’t mind my intrusion on your contest, which seems to have struck a responsive chord.

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