So about this game

I feel a little bad for any non SLP readers (do I have nonSLP readers?) for all the SLPeepGame posts on twitter. Also, I didn’t realize until the game was complete exactly how hard the game was…….so in the interest of “upping the ante” I have sweetened the pot.  The lucky winner will receive 1) a year’s subscription to Lesson Pix 2) an app from Verbally App and 3) these ndnspeechmom approved earlobe decorations!

Please note: these are indeed sweet but I have no idea how they taste

I know right? Awesome. Please feel free to PLAY THE GAME and don’t worry, comments are screened so nobody can see your answers. And to anyone who does not like/wear earrings…I’m fairly sure you could find these a home.

Note: the techie prizes were both donated independently, and although I have not tried either product I am sure they  are amazing. Questions about the app and the subscription are best asked of the very generous, extremely attractive and utterly brilliant @VerballyApp and @LessonPix.  I’m so pleased that they not only donated prizes to the game but submitted pictures for it as well.

8 thoughts on “So about this game

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I see you speak the language of awesome. Awesome.

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